Nikora Stormheart

Nikora Stormheart ready to fight - School of DragonsOdin help any Viking foolish enough to challenge Nikora Stormheart alone. Her ancestors were part of a seafaring people who once owned Auction Island. Stormheart is a natural leader, who would do anything to gain power. She is ruthless and is even willing to use her Grimora poison on innocent dragons. Armed with the might a loyal crew, and a powerful ship, Stormheart is an intimidating rival for any Viking.

Students of the School of Dragons and Vikings of Berk must band together to fight against her treachery. Stormheart will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means attempting to declare a war on the archipelago. While the very thought of challenging Stormheart may seem daunting, remember that with courage, your dragon, and the Riders of Berk by your side, you can help defend the School of Dragons and the archipelago. If you wish to face her, you can find her cutting through the seas on The Tempest or laying claim to Auction Island. Wherever she may be in the archipelago, a war against Nikora Stormheart is on the horizon, so prepare for battle!

I once thought that I could go against Nikora Stormheart with no one but my Gronckle, Slug. I believed that I was the strongest in my village, and that I could take her on alone. To prepare myself for the journey ahead, I went to the one man in my village who had ever fought her and survived, an old man named Garth. I thought that he would be proud that I, a young Viking, was brave enough to stand up to Stormheart, but what he had to say left me dumbfounded…

“You’d do your best to just forget about Nikora Stormheart,” he said, taking a swig from his drink.

I bristled. “Why? Do you think I can’t take her on?”

Garth laughed ruefully. “She’d just as soon poison your village’s dragons than lose a fight. She may come to you with a smile and a token of goodwill, but should she even suspect you of disloyalty, you are doomed.”

“You’d do your best to just forget about Nikora Stormheart,” he said, taking a swig from his drink.

“Well then, I won’t be fooled by her.”

“You think it’s that easy? Even if you were smart enough not to fall for her tricks, she’d take you down with the might of her ship.”

This made me pause. A warrior with brains, brute strength, a loyal crew, and a ship to rival that of any vessel in the archipelago? Not many people were blessed by the gods with such luck.

Nikora Stormheart smiling - How to Train Your Dragon“So how do you defeat her?”

“You don’t. You retreat.”

“That can’t be the only way!”

“I’ve never seen anyone defeat her for good. She might slink away to lick her wounds, but trust me, there’s no getting rid of her.”

“That doesn’t help me one bit!”

“Then you’d best get a team together. There’s no way you can go up against her alone. You need loyal friends and strong fighters to even stand a change. Otherwise… you’d better beg Odin to show you mercy.”

I slumped in my seat and studied Garth’s scarred and worn face. With a sigh, I realized that until I got a team of my own, I couldn’t even dream of going into this battle.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be our problem for long,” Garth said. “I hear she’s moving on from our little island and has her sights set somewhere else.”

“Where?” I asked despondently.

Garth leaned in and whispered, “The Isle of Berk.”

                                        - From the Diary of Magna Heartaxe