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How to Train Your Dragon Guide

How to Train Your Dragon - School of DragonsDragon training may seem like a daunting task for any young Viking facing a ferocious dragon. However, what can often be overlooked is that training a dragon is not about discipline or forcing your pet to obey you, but about the bond between dragon and rider. As we learned from Hiccup, there are certain things that will help a Viking train his dragon to be an obedient, loyal companion.

First, the way to a dragon’s heart is through its stomach. Dragons love eating fish so keep this in mind when trying to motivate or encourage them in dragon school. If your dragon breathes fire for the first time or is able to hover above the ground momentarily, reward it with some delicious fish. On the other hand, dragons loathe eels and will cower from its presence. Be sure not to mistake eels for fish when feeding your dragon although they can come in handy if your dragon is getting out of control and needs to be kept at bay.

Once your dragon has begun to trust you, it will allow you to pet it. This gesture is a huge step in the bond between a Viking and dragon as normally dragons will not allow foreigners to come too close.  Capitalize on this opportunity to pet your dragon.  Dragons love being pet on their belly and will often fall asleep very quickly when pet there.  Remember, when a dragon allows you to touch it—or even approach it—this is a significant moment in your relationship with the dragon and should not be taken lightly.  This is the dragon’s way of acknowledging you as a friend and its willingness to befriend you.

How to Train Your Dragon GuideFinally, the bond between a Viking and dragon is solidified when a dragon allows you to ride on its back. Being able to soar through the air on your dragon is the ultimate gesture of friendship, trust, and loyalty. In a sense, this act is the dragon’s way of thanking a Viking for caring for it and being a good friend. Dragons remember these things and will return the favor once they feel a rider is someone they consider to be an important part of their life. Aside from showing trust, a dragon loves being able to get out and fly freely. Think of it like walking a dog. Flying with your dragon is a great way to spend time with them in their natural environment and doing so will cause your relationship to strengthen.

Dragons are not complicated creatures and have emotions much like humans. Being committed in your relationship with your dragon may be difficult at first if your dragon misbehaves but will pay off as your dragon matures and learns to trust you. Take note of some of the tips mentioned above and be aware of your dragon’s unique traits, likes, and dislikes. The best way to train your dragon is to have a strong bond and any Viking that remembers that will be successful.