Guide : How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon - School of DragonsEvery Viking dreams of the day when they can soar amongst the clouds and feel the icy northern winds nip at their face. When in the air, they are invincible, immune to even the toughest of foes. This is the freedom given to any Viking lucky enough to train a dragon, but taming these creatures is not as easy as hopping onto its back and taking flight. In fact, it takes a lot of time, effort and love. Luckily, we here at the School of Dragons provide students with the education and resources necessary to train a dragon!

The first tip of successful dragon training is knowing that the way to a dragon’s heart is through its stomach. Most dragons hate eels, so don’t serve your scaly friend this for dinner! You can fish in any body of water that has fish leaping out of it. Your farm – which can be found in the Lookout – has a pond where you can reel in your dragon's dinner! Outside of mealtimes, food - especially fish - is always an excellent motivator to use during training. If your dragon breathes fire successfully for the first time or passes a level in Flight Club, reward your buddy with a tasty treat!

Completing activities and tasks together is another way to make sure your dragon is in good shape! The two of you can visit the Training Grounds, where you can put your teamwork to the test. Practice flying with accuracy and speed in Flight Club, get ready to hit the bullseye over at Fireball Frenzy, or race other dragon trainers at Thunder Run Racing. Taking your dragon with you on quests is another great way to gain experience.

All successful Vikings know that science plays just as big a role in training a dragon as Flight Club or Fireball Frenzy. Make sure to visit Heather’s Lab at the School of Dragons to test theories, create important resources and play fun games! If you want to mix and match elements with your scaly friend, head on over the Lab and play Alchemy Adventure. Science is important to the Vikings of Berk, and as a student of the School of Dragons, you will find that testing out theories in the Lab is just as important as soaring through the clouds on your dragon or swinging your ax on the battlefield!

Training your dragon is always better when you have a strong group of friends by your side! Luckily, the School of Dragons allows you to band together with your fellow Vikings and form a clan. Your clan can compete against other clans in tournaments and earn points for your clan by winning trophies in Thunder Run Racing and Fireball Frenzy. With strong warriors and fierce dragons by your side, dragon training becomes more fun!

How to Train Your Dragon GuideExpert trainers also recognize that the best way to train their dragons is to adopt a “work hard, play hard” attitude. After a long day of training, remember to have some fun with your scaly friend by playing a friendly game of catch, using the mirror to make them chase after a dot of sunlight, or fry some eels. This time dedicated to fun and relaxation will ensure that your dragon doesn’t burn out too quickly.

Training takes a lot of work and patience, but with the dedication comes a lifetime of thrills and friendship! Dragons can be the most faithful of companions, but it takes a trainer who understands the importance of patience and understanding. Together, we know that you and your dragon will complete your training successfully and become one of the most dynamic duos in the School of Dragons!

There was nothing Hagan Boilson loved more than his Monstrous Nightmare, Flick. As an instructor at the School of Dragons, I liked to watch young Vikings and their dragons to see how their training was going. I couldn’t help but be proud of my pupil as I observed him and his dragon one day...

Hagan Boilson rubbed the snout of Flick. “Good boy,” he said. “You did so well in Flight Club today, how about another fish?”

Flick panted, his tongue lolling out in anticipation for the delicious treat. Hagan laughed and tossed a halibut at the red dragon. As Flick focused on scarfing down his feast, Hagan scratched his best friend’s head affectionately.

“So, what else should we do today, Flick? I was thinking we might get a couple of rounds in over at Fireball Frenzy. What do you say?” Hagan asked.

Flick jumped up and down excitedly, flapping his big wings. He lightly bit Hagan’s shirtsleeve and started tugging him towards the Fireball Frenzy Arena. Hagan laughed, “Okay, okay boy! I’ve never seen you so excited for fire training before!”

Together, the two friends set off to continue their training, confident that the two would be the greatest heroes Berk had ever seen.

It warms my warrior heart to see such a friendship blossom between a trainer and his dragon. It reminds me of when I first began training my very own dragon. It’s a day a Viking can never forget!

- From the Journal of Axel Skeptisson