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The Relationship between Dragons and Vikings

Vikings and dragons did not always get along.  In fact, before Hiccup and Toothless met, the relationship between Vikings and dragons was very much the opposite of its current state—characterized by a huge misunderstanding that led to constant and seemingly endless amounts of fighting.  Vikings both feared and hated their winged nemeses while dragons were desperate to protect themselves from the Red Death as well as their human attackers.  It was not until that fateful night, when Hiccup knocked Toothless from flight, that everything would change for Vikings and dragons alike.

Around the Isle of Berk, every Viking’s dream was to become a famed dragon slayer and Hiccup was no exception.  He yearned for the excitement of battle, the grip of a weapon in his hand, and the satisfaction of taking down one of these winged beasts.  Glory and honor awaited any individual capable of such a feat.  Unfortunately for Hiccup, he was not an average Viking.  With his skinny frame and gentle nature, Hiccup was more often a liability than an asset on the battlefield.  As a result, he assisted Gobber at the forge and used his intellect to create contraptions that gave him an advantage over dragons. Using one of these inventions, Hiccup was able to snare the legendary Night Fury during a dragon raid, causing it to crash in the forest nearby.

Upon discovering his prize, Hiccup prepared to dispatch the dragon so he could return to Berk as a hero.  But the young Viking pitied his defenseless prey and cut it loose instead.  Noticing this compassion, the Night Fury likewise spared his merciful captor.  However, having suffered injuries from his fall, the dragon was unable to fly away.  Sympathizing for his newfound friend, Hiccup immediately began creating various tools to help it fly.  After a number of failed attempts, the Viking boy and dragon learned to trust each other, and Hiccup and Toothless’ friendship was born.

Ironically, at this time Hiccup was placed into dragon training to learn how to fight dragons.  Hiccup was torn by his obligations as a Viking and his love for Toothless, which forced him to sneak away to care for the dragon immediately after training ended.  During his time with Toothless, Hiccup learned the secrets of how to tame dragons, turning these savage creatures into kind friends. As news of Hiccup’s success spread throughout Berk, Astrid became suspicious of his unorthodox tactics and tried to uncover his secrets.

Hiccup’s rival soon discovered his dragon pet and threatened to tell all of Berk.  Desperate to protect Toothless, Hiccup forced Astrid to fly with him.  Moved by the beauty she was exposed to during flight, Astrid agreed to keep Toothless a secret until Hiccup could figure out a way to convince the village that dragons were simply misunderstood creatures.  However, as the best student in dragon training, Hiccup was required to kill a dragon in front of the entire village.  As Hiccup realized the difficulty of the situation, Toothless took him and Astrid to the dragon’s nest, where they learned that the dragons brought food to a giant dragon called the Red Death.  Any dragon that failed to supply a sufficient amount of food was consumed by the Red Death.

On the day of his final test, Hiccup was determined to prove to his fellow Vikings that dragons were not the dangerous beasts they perceived them to be.  As Hiccup was trying to display a peaceful interaction, Stoick angered the dragon by his own rage.  The dragon attacked Hiccup who cried out for help.  Toothless came to Hiccup’s rescue, but was captured by the Vikings in the process.  After disowning his son, Stoick used Toothless to lead a Viking fleet to the dragon nest to end the feud once and for all.

Knowing the danger his father and village faced, Hiccup rounded up his friends to ride dragons to the nest.  By the time they arrived, the Vikings had already caused the Red Death to arise from its nest as it was wreaking havoc.  After freeing Toothless with the help of his father, Hiccup was able to damage the Red Death’s wings, causing it to fall to its demise.  However, Hiccup fell from Toothless’ back and the dragon flew after him into a cloud of smoke.

After the dust cleared, the Vikings were relieved to find that Toothless had saved Hiccup.  Awakening from his injuries, Hiccup was shocked to see that dragons and Vikings lived together peacefully in Berk.  Thanks to Hiccup’s bravery, he was able to convince the village that dragons were really peaceful and friendly creatures simply trying to survive.  Now Vikings and dragons coexist in harmony, working together to accomplish what was previously impossible.  That is why now the School of Dragons exists to help young Vikings raise and befriend their dragon companions just as Hiccup did before them.