The Dragon-Viking Relationship

The School of Dragons as you know it today didn’t always exist. Before Hiccup befriended Toothless, the Vikings of Berk and dragons were mortal enemies. Dragons would often raid the Isle of Berk, laying waste the village and flying away with livestock. The villagers had to adapt by becoming fierce warriors who could defend themselves and Berk. All young Vikings were expected to undergo extensive training in the art of killing dragons.

As the son of Berk’s chief, Hiccup wanted to become a powerful dragon slayer, but all of that changed when he met Toothless, the dreaded Night Fury. Through careful observation, Hiccup was able to earn the trust of Toothless and the two quickly became friends.

The friendship between Hiccup and Toothless helped forge an alliance between Vikings and dragons. Not long afterwards, Berk established its first School of Dragons to teach young Vikings to train their very own dragons. Now the relationship between a Viking and their dragon is known as one of the strongest bonds there is.

Recently, the Vikings of Berk have welcomed a new arrival to their island: Hiccup’s long-lost mother, Valka. It was once believed that she was carried off and eaten by dragons, but now all of Berk knows of her efforts to understand and befriend dragons. Today she’s Berk’s most sought-after expert on dragons.

Dragons and Vikings may not have always been the closest of friends, but our efforts to learn and train them have saved countless Viking and sheep lives. We encourage all students at the School of Dragons to make the most of their time here and educate themselves on the complicated, yet fascinating history between dragons and Vikings.