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Dragon Racing

Dragon Racing - School of DragonsDragon Racing is not an activity that is meant to stir aggressive and aloof tendencies. Here, in the School of Dragons, we hope to encourage all young Vikings to engage in a time of friendly competition while racing with other friends. 

Brace yourselves for a time of enchantment, wonder and awestruck amazement. Racing in the School of Dragons’ Viking world is truly an experience of a lifetime. Eventually, each of our tracks will have its own theme, depending on how advanced you and your dragon are in the ranks. Some tracks might include luscious green forests and dark volcanic ash lands, while others might highlight the bright sun-lit skies covered in clouds. No matter where you and your dragon decide to fly off, each adventure will have be its own unique experience. Enjoying a race through the skies is something you will not want to miss. 

As you continue to ride and race throughout the School of Dragons, you and your dragon will to continue to grow and bond together as true friends. Eventually, it will be as if you are both moving seamlessly as a single entity through the skies.