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Dragon Flight Training

Dragon Flight Training - How to Train Your Dragon - School of DragonsPerhaps the greatest thrill of training dragons is being able to fly on their backs. Every young Viking’s dream is to mount one of these majestic, winged beasts and soar through the air high above the earth. However, what many of these young dragon trainers do not realize is the work involved teaching a dragon to fly. Learning this skill requires dedication as a Viking must patiently nurture their dragon to develop the strength necessary to fly.

Similar to other winged creatures, dragons are unable to fly in the early stages after they first hatch. They must develop the strength to lift off, which can be achieved through regular training and the lessons learned on quests. In order to help your dragon grow, train them in other skills at the training grounds and refine these abilities on quests. Providing them with a strong foundation in all other areas will prepare a dragon physically and mentally for the challenge of flying. As your dragon grows, its confidence will increase along with its strength. Rather than fearing flight, your dragon will gladly take on this new challenge.

Flying is a step-by-step process. No dragon is able to begin flying high and quickly overnight. Remembering this fact will help both you and your dragon patiently train without becoming discouraged. Allow your companion to complete various tasks at the School of Dragons until they are ready to begin and lift off of the ground. Each time your dragon makes progress in flying, give them plenty of fish and take them on new adventures where they can practice their new-found skill. Your dragon’s early attempts to fly may be clumsy, but you will notice that a balanced combination of training and fun will be incredibly effective in speeding up your dragon’s flight skills.

Taking flight can be a scary time for a young dragon, which is why a strong bond between you and your dragon is crucial. Caring for your dragon will build its faith in you and promote greater success during skills training. A dragon that loves and trusts its Viking companion will gladly take on the risk of flying into any quest or challenge. You will see the fruit of your labor as your dragon is able to fly higher, farther, and longer more quickly.

Your dragon's progress in this field is a reflection of the commitment involved in training your dragon to fly.  Riding on a dragon's back is the ultimate display of the bond between you and your winged friend and the hours of hard work you put into training each day.