Dragon Fire Training

 Dragon Fire Training

There is nothing more exhilarating for a dragon than to breathe fire, and we at the School of Dragons know how important it is to successfully train your dragon to do so. Before you get too excited, it’s important for young Vikings to remember that this skill does not come easily. It takes a patient and consistent trainer to help their dragon develop both strength and accuracy at breathing fire.

Initially, your dragon hatchling will not be able to control its ability to breathe fire. During the early phases of your friendship, it’s up to you to establish trust between you and your dragon. One effective way to earn the trust of your dragon is to feed it fish. Since training requires time and energy, baby dragons can become exhausted and irritable after a long training session. Rewarding them with fish will not only restore their vigor, but also build their trust in you as their caretaker.

Young dragons are imbued with a natural curiosity and desire to explore the world around them. Encourage your dragon’s development by taking it on adventures with you. Quests will provide your young dragon with an incredible sense of freedom, and successfully completing missions will establish a deep desire to train. Consistency is key to dragon training, so remember to regularly include your new friend in your adventures!

Dragon Fire Training - School of DragonsWith no prior experience using this skill, your dragon’s fire power may initially appear weak and inaccurate. However, this is nothing a dedicated trainer such as yourself can’t fix! You may have to frantically dodge a few stray fireballs at first, but don’t lose hope. After spending time in the Training Grounds improving your dragon’s firing skills, make sure to give your dragon fun breaks to help them rejuvenate. You might take it on new quests or simply go exploring. Remember to feed your dragon plenty of delicious fish to give them energy. Never forget that the time you spend fostering a close relationship with your dragon is just as important as the time focused on actual training!

As your dragon continues to develop, you can use different methods to perfect its fire-breathing abilities. Train your dragon to fire at stationary targets to learn how to build power when they strike. Once this basic skill has been grasped, your dragon can fire at moving objects to refine its accuracy and reflexes. Teaching your dragon to breathe fire may be difficult at first, but with time, practice and encouragement, they will become a force to be reckoned with!