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Dragon Fire Training

One of the most exhilarating skills a dragon can learn is fire breathing. At the School of Dragons, one of your tasks as a trainer is to assist your dragon in mastering this important skill. As your dragon practices and grows, it will develop greater accuracy and strength, allowing it to harness this powerful ability.

Initially, your baby dragon companion will not be able to control its fire breathing abilities. During the early phases of your friendship, you will have to encourage it to begin developing various skills that will help it mature. One effective way to become closer to your dragon is to feed it fish.  Since training requires time and energy, baby dragons can become exhausted and irritable after a long training session.  Rewarding them with fish will not only restore their vigor, but also build their respect for and trust in you as their caretaker.

Young dragons are curious and full of energy, longing to explore the world around them.  Promote your dragon’s development by taking it on adventures with you.  While they are able to experience an incredible sense of freedom, successfully completing missions will give them a sense of pride and a deep desire to train.  Capitalize on this enthusiasm and soon your dragon will be showing improved control of their fire breathing skills.

Dragon Fire Training - School of DragonsYour dragon’s initial attempts to breathe fire might be messy.  With no prior experience using this skill, your dragon’s fire power may appear weak and lack accuracy.  However, this is nothing a dedicated trainer can’t fix.  You may have to frantically dodge a few stray fireballs at first, but you will get there.  After spending time in the training grounds improving your dragon’s firing skills, give it fun breaks to help rejuvenate. You might take it on new quests or simply exploring.  Of course, some fresh fish would not hurt either.  Remember, the time you spend fostering a close relationship with your dragon is just as important as the time focused on actual training.

As your dragon develops its ability to shoot fire, you will be able to utilize different methods to train it.  Direct your dragon in firing at stationary targets to build confidence and learn how to build power when they strike.  Once this basic skill has been grasped, your dragon can fire at moving objects to refine its accuracy and reflexes.  These tasks will be difficult at first, but with time, practice, and encouragement your dragon will become a fire breathing force to be reckoned with.

A lot of time, energy, and dedication contribute to helping a dragon control their fire breathing abilities, but these sacrifices are well worth the reward.  A great trainer will walk alongside their dragon to help it persevere through challenges that will promote its learning.  Your reward for these efforts will be watching sparks fly as your dragon hurls flames with precision and accuracy.