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Creating your Avatar

The School of Dragons is located within a wondrous and wild world full of high-flying adventure. But before you embark on this Dragon Training voyage, you will have to look the part of a raring- to-go Viking villager.

Once the game is launched and you have authorized your account, you will be able to select a name for your Viking before beginning to customize your Dragon Trainer’s overall look.

How to Create Your School of Dragons Avatar

Choosing your Viking's gender - To get started, select whether you would like your Viking to be a boy or a girl.

Creating a name - Enter a name that you want to be known by while exploring the School of Dragons. A helpful tip for creating your name—do not use any numbers or special characters. Also, choose wisely because this is not something that you can change once the character has been created.

Dressing your Viking - Under the "Viking" menu, you will be able to customize the look of your dragon training avatar. Navigate through the available options to change the color and style of your Viking's eyes, hair, and other facial features. Next, select what you would like your Viking to wear from the "Clothing" menu. From tops to boots and almost everything in between, you can browse through a plethora of Viking gear before saddling up for the adventure ahead! As you begin playing to earn coins and gems, you will be able to access more items from the store, including any seasonal items that arrive to Johann’s Trading Post.

Once you've fully customized your in-game Viking and settled on your ultimate look, select “OK” to create the character and begin your high flying journey at School of Dragons!