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Choosing Your Dragon

Choosing Your Dragon - School of Dragons Game

One of the most exciting moments in a young Viking’s life is the moment when they toss their dragon egg into the fires of the Hatchery.

Deciding between dragons may seem like a difficult choice to take on, but don’t worry that task is beyond anyone’s control. Ultimately, the deep bond shared between a Viking and his or her dragon is a special Viking sort of science that cannot be fully explained. Since peace was made between Vikings and dragons, the most ideal of bonds have been formed from the compatibility of personalities.

Because of this, Vikings must complete a specialized personality test to match them with their ideal dragon before they are able to start training and eventually take flight. This is an essential component to building the bond necessary for Dragons and trainers to seemingly think and work as one. The test entails a series of hypothetical questions that will ultimately match the trainer to the Dragon whether it is a Deadly Nadder, Hideous Zippleback, Gronckle, or Monstrous Nightmare.

Choosing Your Dragon - School of DragonsOnce a bond is made between a young Viking and their Dragon, Vikings will find that their winged friends become fiercely loyal, following them on all their adventures and expeditions. With their dragons, Vikings will complete a series of tasks that test both physical and intellectual strength. Each task will help them learn to better navigate the Viking lands and be equipped to complete each of their impending missions or day-to-day tasks while also strengthening the bond with their dragon.

A whole new word of adventure awaits you in the fires of the Hatchery. Head over now to join in all the excitement of finding your ideal Dragon.