Choosing Your Dragon

Welcome to the School of Dragons! Before you get started here, we require that all new students procure a dragon of their own to nurture and train. You can choose the species you would like to hatch, name, and raise over in the Dragon Hatchery!

Choosing Your Dragon - School of Dragons Game

Once you’ve arrived at the School of Dragons and made your way to the Dragon Hatchery, Gobber will give you a personality test to assess which dragon species is the best match for you. However, it's not necessary for you to pick your dragon based on the test results. If you feel drawn to another type of dragon, feel free to go with your heart! You can select from a variety of species, including the Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback, Gronckle and Deadly Nadder. Once you have made your selection, place your egg of choice into the Dragon Hearth. Don’t worry about the lava hurting your dragon! Encompassing your dragon egg in lava ensures that your new friend will hatch happy and healthy. While you are waiting for your dragon to hatch, you will be able to name your dragon and customize the color, pattern and details of its scales.

As soon as your dragon egg hatches, you have gained a friend for life! You and your dragon will now be ready to begin your lessons together at the School of Dragons! Why don’t the two of you take on some quests to solidify your bond? Or perhaps you can join a clan and show off your new best buddy to some friends? Whatever the two of you choose to do, you’re both ready to take on the world together!

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