Call of the Death Song Expansion

Call of the Death Song dragon

The archipelago is under attack! A wild Death Song dragon is wreaking havoc around Berk and spitting an amber-like substance to trap its victims. It’s up to you to help put a stop to this invasive dragon species! Luckily, you won’t have to face the Death Song alone; the famed Dragon Riders will be there to help you. You will also be assisted by a mysterious rogue Dragon Rider. Together, you will learn about invasive species and help the Death Song to find a new home and a new source of food.

With the Call of the Death Song expansion, you can help the Vikings of Berk defend the archipelago! This adventure includes twenty new quests that will take you all over the Archipelago, including three new locations: Sven’s Farm, The Reaper in the Ship Graveyard, and Melody Island. You will receive a Razorwhip egg and will even have the opportunity to raise a baby Death Song.

It’s only a matter of time before all of the archipelago is covered in the Death Song’s amber. Berk and the School of Dragons need your help to put a stop to the Death Song’s invasion. We are aware that this quest won’t be easy, but we know that with your courage and determination, you will emerge victorious!

Death Song - School of Dragons

Sven looked out at his farm with pride. It was true: He had the best farm in all of Berk. With its flourishing crops and fattened livestock, no one could compete with Sven’s farm.

His admiration was cut short, however, when a large shadow fell over him. Sven frowned and scratched his head. It was noon, and certainly not time for shadows this big. Then, with a loud splat, something orange plummeted from the sky and landed right on his crops. Sven shrieked and jumped back, turning his face towards the sky to see who had the audacity to sabotage him… What he saw made his heart stop.

A large, beautiful dragon with resplendent wings circled above him. Even with the sun glaring in his face, Sven knew exactly what he was looking at. The dragon reared its head back and spit out another enormous glob of the amber-like substance.

Sven jumped out of the way, just narrowly avoiding getting hit. While he wanted to stay and make sure that his farm wasn’t destroyed, he knew that he had to get to the School of Dragons. The Riders of Berk would know what to do. All he had to do was leave calmly and not draw any attention to himself. As he slowly stepped back, the Death Song looked directly at him, its pupils dilating dangerously.

All thoughts of remaining calm were forgotten as Sven let out a choked gasp. “D-D-D-Death Song!” Sven screamed as he took off towards the School of Dragons.

Death Song Expansion - School of Dragons Death Song Expansion - School of Dragons Death Song Expansion - School of Dragons