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Berk’s Vikings

Berk's Vikings - School of DragonsThe Vikings of How to Train Your Dragon belong to a hardy and fierce tribe that has learnt to survive the harsh Northern climate. Although the island is large, they prefer to situate their village on a small portion of it, sticking together to better weather the dangers that come with being a Viking and living on Berk.

Chief Stoick the Vast is an adept warrior who has led his men into many a battle against marauding dragons that often attack their tribe for food for the Red Death. Being in a state of constant warfare with dragons has evolved the Vikings into formidable fighters who measure their fellows’ worth by their battle skills. Berk’s Vikings are largely resistant to change, set in their ways against the dragons. It takes all of Hiccup’s persuasive powers to make them change their opinion and form an alliance with the dragons rather than battle them all the time.