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Toothless is classified as a Night Fury dragon, which is considered to be one of the most mysterious and fearsome types of Dragons that exist. Until Hiccup discovered Toothless, no one had ever known what a Night Fury even looked like. 

In the Journal of Dragons, he is placed in what is known as the Strike Class. He has the key ability to ‘Dive Bomb’, meaning he dives from heights, gaining ridiculous speed at a downwards angle and shoots his lightning ball. A Night Fury only attacked in the dead of night because it was virtually invisible. 

For a long while, nobody knew what an actual Night Fury looked like. The only information that the Vikings had gathered on this rare type of dragon was the whistling sound of his speed cutting through the night sky, followed by a bright purple lightning strike, causing a massive explosion. Toothless is also very headstrong – while he will listen to Hiccup some of the time, he also has the inclination to do what he wants, when he wants.

Physically, he is of medium sized build with jet black scales covering his body. Hiccup gives him the name Toothless because of his retractable teeth. Rather than fire like most dragons, Toothless is able to shoot lightning from his mouth. He is also extremely swift and uses his speed and coloring to hide from the Vikings in the night sky.

Toothless is very playful, active, and intelligent; observing what Hiccup does and mimicking him in certain scenarios. Toothless has many great attributes, but the one that is most desirable is his loyalty. Through the bonding with Hiccup, he comes to greatly respect and remain loyal to Hiccup, even protecting him in many different situations.

Toothless wins over the hearts of many others, showing Vikings like Astrid, Stoick, and Gobber that these dragons are capable of friendship and respect. Toothless’ kind nature is one of the main reasons dragons and Vikings are able to now coexist and live together.