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Thornado - School of DragonsConsidering Stoick the Vast’s stubborn nature, it may be surprising that he has a dragon companion as well. A prideful individual, typically, has to work extra hard to establish a trusting relationship with a strong-willed beast like a dragon. However, because of these characteristics Thornado became the perfect match for Berk’s chief, creating an unlikely friendship.

Virtually every aspect of Thornado emphasizes the dragon’s power. A Thunderdrum hailing from the Tidal class, Thornado is a large beast that can swim in the ocean’s depths as well as soar through the air. Thunderdrums are famed for their massive mouths that generate sonic blasts, strong enough to stun a human at close range. For this reason, Thunderdrums are believed to derive their power from Thor himself. Fittingly, Stoick named Thornado by combining “Thor” and “tornado” to indicate its strength.

Stoick and Thornado’s unexpected relationship began when Stoick and Hiccup tried to save a fishing ship from the dragon. Taking matters into his own hands, Stoick tackled Thornado into the ocean where the two struggled in a bitter wrestling match. Impressed by the Thunderdrum’s fighting spirit, Stoick snared Thornado in a net and declared his desire to be its trainer. Knowing the dragon’s destructive capabilities, Stoick muzzled Thornado. However, Stoick struggled to gain Thornado’s trust and respect and their first training session proved to be a failure. A frustrated Stoick wrestled Thornado in an attempt to establish his authority but the dragon escaped and fled.

Hiccup and Stoick pursued Thornado and found that it had been protecting an injured Thunderdrum and bringing it food. After sending Hiccup to bring aid, Stoick tried to convince Thornado of his intentions to help but was interrupted by a group of wild boars. To demonstrate his trust, Stoick removed Thornado’s muzzle so it could blast the boars away as they protected the injured Thunderdrum.

Upon Hiccup’s return, the group retrieved the wounded dragon and restored it to health while Thornado and Stoick were able to start a new relationship. Stoick had put his pride aside and displayed his affection for Thornado while the dragon admired its master’s strength and sacrifice. Mirroring each other’s stubbornness, Stoick and Thornado initially struggled to establish a trusting relationship. However, desperate times taught them that the bond between a dragon and its Viking trainer relies upon commitment, trust, and respect as they worked together to form a dynamic duo.