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Stormfly is a Deadly Nadder dragon. According to the Journal of Dragons, the Deadly Nadder is classified in the Tracker Class. This dragon’s beauty and brutality can be seen in its natural armor of piercing poisonous spines. A Deadly Nadder’s key strength is its ability to “spine shoot.” Spine shooting allows the Nadder to shoot hundreds of poisonous needles from his tail at once. 

The Deadly Nadder’s bright blue and yellow coloring give a majestic beauty, all coated in deadly venomous spines to give its lethalness. The Deadly Nadders are very high in firepower, their scales strength (creating a tough armor) and venom.

Astrid first encountered Stormfly during one of the young Vikings training sessions on ‘learning how to attack’. In this encounter, Stormfly seems to be a feisty and tough character, which is very similar to characteristics apparent in Astrid herself. 

Astrid and Stormfly eventually form a special bond with Astrid riding the Deadly Nadder into battle against the Red Death.