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Deadly Nadder - Stormfly

Deadly Nadder

It is easy to be captivated by the beauty of the Deadly Nadder, but distraction around this dragon can prove to be very dangerous! Its ability to breathe fire is especially powerful, and its heat has been known to melt rocks and metal easily. This species of dragons possesses a natural armor and is covered in poisonous spines. A Deadly Nadder’s key strength is its ability to shoot hundreds of poisonous needles from its tail at once (also known as “spine shooting”).

Deadly Nadder - StormflyDeadly Nadders are categorized as members of the Tracker Class, meaning that they are especially skilled in tracking objects or people. These dragons possess an acute sense of smell, which makes up for the blind spot in front of their nose.

Despite the Deadly Nadder's lethal qualities, they are also known for their beauty. Their blue and yellow scales are truly a sight to behold. Should you opt to train a Deadly Nadder at the School of Dragons, you will gain a loyal friend and a fiercely beautiful warrior.

Deadly Nadder - Stormfly