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And flying into school base with their amazing stats are the Skrills...

Class: Strike
Fire Type: Lightening blasts
Attack: 14
Armor: 10
Speed: 11/19
Firepower: 12
Shot Limit: 4 with the ability to recharge lightening from the clouds
Venom: 0
Jaw Strength: 5
Stealth: 18
Trainable: YES

You might know the Skrill from the “Defenders of Berk” and being the symbol of the Berserker Tribe. You thought they were cool then, wait until you get a hold of your own Skrill egg to start training.

As learned in “Defenders of Berk”,the Skrills have the ability to stay frozen for decades upon decades, they were found in a HUGE block of ice that was impossible to break. With the help of Snotlout, he was able to blow it up leaving many Skrills to wonder the earth. There were so many Skrills that Snotlout had no idea what to do with them. Since the School of Dragons was accepting more dragons, Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout and the Headmaster all decided to provide the Skrill a home and a place to lay their eggs.

With its large wings, they know how to fly like professionals with their extremely fast momentum, through anything, especially lightening. The metallic spikes on their back are not only used to cut through things, but they are used to shoot lightening out of their mouths! Although Skrills are known to be very mysterious, they are also known to be aggressive and powerful. You might usually find the Skrill flying around during an electrical storm.

These Skrills definitely have a mind of their own, but in the end, they will always be a loyal partner.