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Meatlug is a Gronckle dragon species and are a part of the Boulder Class, according to the Journal of Dragons. A Gronckle’s key talent is to be able to ‘Lava Blast’. This ability allows Gronckle’s to eat rocks and shoot out flaming masses of lava out of their mouths. Gronckles have one of the hardest scales and exterior for a dragon, giving them an almost near impenetrable armor. They also have a high firepower, which they must use to be able to maintain the Lava Blast. 

Gronckle dragons, like Meatlug, are considered to be extremely tough and exhibit some of the best dragon weaponry. Meatlug’s appearance can best be described as big and bulky. And although Meatlug comes off as somewhat lazy, Gronckle dragons are considered to be one of the fiercest types of dragons. With Meatlug’s lackadaisical appearance, it is no
surprise he bonded with amusing Fishlegs.