Grim Gnasher

Vanaheim is known as the final resting place of dragons throughout the archipelago, but there is another species of dragons that has made this island their home: the Grim Gnasher. These Sharp Class dragons live off the dragons which arrive on Vanaheim. Using their unique ability to blast razor-sharp darts made of their teeth, Grim Gnashers hunt down sick dragons and the Sentinels who protect this sacred island.

Grim Gnasher

While not the friendliest of dragons, Grim Gnashers live in packs and work well with others. The alpha of the group is easy to spot by its red wings and stripes, as opposed to the regular Grim Gnashers’ purple hue.

    Grim Gnasher - Dragon

    This cunning dragon cannot be trained by Vikings, but those willing to face the Grim Gnasher can battle them in Dragon Tactics.

    • Attack: 10
    • Speed: 12
    • Armor: 7
    • Firepower: 9
    • Shot Limit: 5
    • Venom: 0
    • Jaw Strength: 12
    • Stealth: 7

    Grim Gnasher - How Train your Dragon