Boneknapper - School of DragonsCategorized as a member of the Mystery Class, the Boneknapper is one of the most uncommon and abnormal species of dragons living around the Isle of Berk. As its name suggests, it creates its own armor from the bones of other dragons. Without this shell, a Boneknapper resembles a “big boneless chicken”. Because of this vulnerability, the bones a Boneknapper collects act as a protective covering and are essential for performing fundamental actions, such as roaring. The Boneknapper will search far and wide to complete its protective armor, sometimes spending years looking for a single perfect bone.

Because sightings of Boneknappers were extremely rare, they were once considered a myth. Recently, however, their appearances around Berk have become well-known. In fact, students of the School of Dragons now have the opportunity to train these infamous dragons!