Dragon Short Stories

Welcome to the Dragon short stories page – a mystical world full of mythical beasts, magic, adventure, and fantasy! Transport your kids to an entirely different universe that is inhabited by flying dragons, fire-breathing ones, and more. All you need to do is browse through our large selection of fun and engaging dragon short stories for kids and print them out. Arm your kids with these gems and watch them lose themselves in the world of dragons and other fantasies. While they are happily engrossed in these short stories for kids, they will also be giving a fillip to their reading and comprehension skills. A win-win situation all the way!

Short Dragon Stories for Kids

The advantages of cultivating a reading habit are well known. And the earlier one starts, the more pronounced are its benefits. Among other things, kids who are in the habit of reading tend to have stronger communication skills, foster better reasoning and logical thinking skills, master the language more easily, have better concentration, and imagination, etc. When you introduce your kids to our range of fun dragon short stories, you help them develop all these skills and more. These free short stories have been written to appeal to readers of all ages. Download them today!