Viking Warzone

Author: Primus04

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Chapter 1- The New Dragon for Ixora.


It’s been three years, since Hiccup, the hero from Berk, defeated the Red Death, the source that caused the war between Vikings and the dragons. Together with his dragon, the legendary Night Fury, they succeed in bringing peace and make the Vikings to co-exist with the dragons. Words has spread around the Barbaric Archipelago that he became one of the Vikings that gives a potential great alliance… or a threat.

One year ago, there has been a mystery of simultaneous raid by the infamous Dragon Conquerors on some village of Vikings. My village, my home and my family fall victim to this violent group. I am the only survivor left from my village, saved by a mystery boy named Prime. Weird name.

“We are pleased to welcome new students this year. Here, in the School of Dragons, students will be trained by fellow Dragon Trainers here, Hiccup and his team, on how to train your dragons. Yes, you heard me right. Your own dragons. The school fees that you’ve paid before are to prepare your lessons, benefits and your own new dragon.”

The Headmaster loud speech continues for an hour in the School Assembly Hall. Young Vikings from various clans and villages in the Barbaric Archipelago gathered here today to train and become the future Dragon Trainers. The fresh student intake here comes at different age but not too different though.

After the quite long speech by the Headmaster, we are told to go to the Hatchery area. This is the place where we will get our own dragon at its hatchlings stage. We are required to fill in the form given to us to choose the kind of dragons we need. The questions in the form is more like a personality test and suggestions for the kind of dragon we need will be given by Gobber. Gobber is one of the most experienced Vikings from Berk with knowledge on dragons.

While I am in the Hatchery filling the form, I caught a glimpse of a boy waiting at the entrance. It is none other than my friend, Prime, the one who saved me back then. He has three slash scars across his right eye. However, they are hard to notice as he cover them with his bangs. I’m guessing that they are battle scar. He is smiling looking at me. He begins to approach me, walking past the other new students. “How is it going?” he asked me.

“I just finished this form. What next?” I asked, showing him the form I’ve just filled. “Let’s see.. adventurous, …strong willed,” Prime is reading my fill on the personality test. Does he have no idea on the meaning of privacy? Students are going to hear this. His insensitivity at times like this always embarrassed me. “…ambitious, eh? Good, good.”

”Stop it. I don’t need to hear that from you,” I seize the form quickly from him, hiding my embarrassment.

“Relax. Just give the form to Gobber. He’ll give you suggestions on the dragon that matches your personality but you can still choose any dragon, though.”

“What dragon do you think that matches me?” I asked him, out of curiosity.

“Hmm… a Deadly Nadder, maybe,” answered Prime.

“You already own that. I think I’m gonna go with a Monstrous Nightmare,” I leave him and go to Gobber, who is standing at one of the column in the room. Gobber is surrounded by eager students who submitted the form. As I approach Gobber, something happened that catch my attention as well as everyone else.

“What if I already have one?” asked a boy. He stands behind the other boys surrounding Gobber. His face looks serious with two small scars ran across his lips on the left side. Judging from his height and his facial feature, I think he is around Prime’s age.

Gobber turned his attention to the boy, “Can I see your form, lad?” The boy hand over his form for Gobber to check. “Hmm.. So you’re Grinder. The young chief of Big Beard clan.” At the mention of his name and his clan, every one gasps. I guess everyone knew the story about his clan. One of the victims from the Dragon Conquerors, just like me. “Welcome to the School of Dragons, lad. You can skip the Hatchery and bring your dragon tomorrow then.”

The boy named Grinder simply nods. Prime told me about this before. There are special cases where there are Vikings who already keep their own dragon even before the start of the school. Prime is one of them. He was initiated to this school several months earlier before us. He owns an unusual colored deadly Nadder. His body is black with yellow spikes and abdomen. Though, he never told me the story of how he own or find his dragon.

I looked at Prime and I saw how his expression changed looking at Grinder. It always gave me that uneasy feeling when his eyes changed like that. His eyes looked… cold and threatening… just like how this Grinder boy looked as well. Somehow, they both are staring at each other with that serious face making the air feel heavy for me and the others. Even most students are quiet down now around Grinder. I know very well how this war story is a sensitive topic. However, what’s with Prime and Grinder?

“Can I get my dragon now?” I said to Gobber, breaking the gloomy situation.

“Ah yes, of course,” answered Gobber taking my form. “A monstrous Nightmare, eh? That’s a tough one err… Ixora.”

”The symbol of Berk’s dragon. The symbol of strength and power,” I said, confident and proud with the knowledge I have on Berk.

“Okay. Go and follow this map as you go inside the cave. It should lead you to the Monstrous Nightmare’s eggs. Take ONLY one and follow the instruction given on how to hatch it,” explained Gobber while handing me a piece of paper containing the map and instruction.

“I’ll accompany you,” said Prime who is standing beside me now. He looked fine now. Back to his usual friendly charm. I just gave him a nod as I really do feel much better to have his company right now.

Together we follow the pathway drawn on the paper. The route doesn’t really take too long or difficult to follow. In about two minutes, we arrived in a big room with a big nest filled with eggs at the center. There are sign beside the nest written ‘Monstrous Nightmare – Stoker Class. I slowly approached the nest and grab one egg in front of me. The egg is quite big that I have to hold it with both hands.

There is a pond, boiling, located at the back end of the room. Prime read the instruction on the paper to me. Next, I just have to put this egg inside the pond and wait for it to hatch. Carefully, I gently put or drop the egg inside the boiling pond.

After several minutes, the egg begins to shake inside the pond and make cracks. Prime and I, both of us getting excited. Little by little, the cracks are getting bigger and I see a small baby Nightmare’s head popped out. The hatchling swims out of the pond and crawl back to the surface. It is lying in front of me as I crouch to look closely. For the first time, our eyes met and I gently put out my hand to pet its head. The hatchling sniffs my hand before it slowly nudged its nostril to touch the palm of my hand. So she is going to be my dragon. I think I’m going to give her a cool name, “SkyBreaker.”

- Primus04

Chapter 2- First Lesson



“Alright, class. Listen up. Hiccup, our Head Dragon Trainer, has something to say,” Astrid called out. She succeeds in getting the class’ attention. The heroes get the class on the open field near the School’s Flight Club.

Hiccup cleared his throat before he begin, “Okay, everyone. I’m Hiccup and here is Astrid, my assistant in Dragon Training,” Hiccup gestured to Astrid as he introduces his second-in-command. “Our class today is to learn on the most basic of Dragon Training, bonding with your dragon,” he continued. Every student look confused by this. “In the past, Vikings used to be alerted just by the presence of a dragon alone. Now, you’ll get the chance to be friends with them.” Astrid brings forth Stormfly in front of the class. Everyone start to feel uneasy at the presence of the big dragon in front of them, including Ixora.

“Your dragon is in its hatchling stage. It is actually the easiest to tame and to bond with. However, today you can start the lesson with my Stormfly. Try to pet its head or under the neck,” explain Astrid. “Who wants to try?” Everyone look nervous, not sure whether to volunteer or not. Astrid smiles as she can understand their anxiety. She tries with another idea, “Prime. Come over here.” At her calls, the boy name Prime, who is watching the students the entire time from the top of the Flight Club roof, slides down the stairs attached on the club wall.

Prime jogs to his mentor. “What’s up, Sis?” he asked.

“Show our new students here. Try and pet Stormfly,” said Astrid.

“No problem,” answered Prime. As ordered, he gently put his hands on Stormfly’s head. Stormfly respond by closing her eyes and lower her head. It is her sign to allow Prime to continue petting her.

“Remember, guys. Don’t touch a Nadder at its blind spot, which is the front of its face,” remind Astrid to the class.

Ixora looked excited as she witness Prime petting Stormfly. She is eager to try out now, “Can I try?” Astrid turns her attention at Ixora, who just volunteered.

“Sure. Ixora, is it?” asked Astrid.

“Yup,” she stands up and walks towards Stormfly. Prime steps aside to let his friend try the dragon. Slowly, Ixora try to pet Stormfly on her head and she responds the same as she did with Prime. Ixora smiles, happy that she feels a success. “Ha… Ha hah. I can do it.”

“I bet it won’t be the same if you’re with a wild, stray dragon,” said a voice, belonged to one of the students in the class. His mock catches Ixora’s attention as his words quickly anger her. The boy stands up as he continues, “She would probably scream if she faces a real, hostile dragon.” After that he imitates a girl scream, mocking the poor girl. The other students laugh at his jokes. The boy is known as Leadfoot from the HardHead clan. He is well known among his clan members for his rude and inappropriate manners.

Her pride is hurt. Ixora stares at the boy who is making fun of her. Her fist clenches, ready to bring Leadfoot some pain. Hiccup steps in before anything got worse. “Guys, stop it. You should follow her example instead of embarrassing your friend.” Prime goes to Ixora, ready to hold her in case there’s a fight breakout.

“Example of what? Screaming like a coward girl?” said Leadfoot.

“Okay, that’s it,” Ixora grabbed a nearby wooden bucket and throw it with a quick, fluid spin to Leadfoot’s direction. Leadfoot is terribly shocked, unguarded that he has no time to react. The thrown wooden bucket flies fast and hit its target by the head. The strong impact with the target breaks the bucket apart. Leadfoot is on the ground now, rolling as he holds his head, screaming in pain. “Who’s screaming now?”

“Ixora!” shout Prime at his friend, ignored by the other though. No one knows better than him that Ixora has a violent drive when a fight breaks out. He knows that this will get worse.

“Woah, Woah, Woah!”  Hiccup hold out his arms, get in the way between the fight. The other students however are too angry now at Ixora.

“Hey, that’s too much.”


The other members of the HardHead along with Leadfoot’s friends rush to the young shield maiden to payback the damage. “HEY!” Astrid tries to stop the fight and rushes to Hiccup’s side. However, Ixora act faster. She slips past him and run to the angry mob.

Ixora isn’t really well-trained in a fight but she always gets WILD in combat and FAST. She grabs two boys in front of her by the face, blocking their view, and push them back as hard as she could. The boys get pushed, losing their foot balance and accidentally falls, hitting the others behind. The disorder gives her the chance to punch whoever comes close to attack her. For a girl with a small build, her blow really brings terrible news. Two or three boys who dare come close get pummeled right on their face and falls.

“Wow, Astrid. She’s almost like you!” comment Hiccup. This gets him an angry stare from Astrid.

“We need to stop them now. Where’s Prime?” asked Astrid. She looked around to find her apprentice, “Where that boy did ran off to?” As she looked around, she find him hiding behind the lab building… far way. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? COME AND HELP THEM.” Prime refused and continue cowering behind his hiding spot while watching the fight. Useless.

One of the Hard Head managed to grab and hold Ixora from behind. Yet, she still breaks free when she hit her head back, knocking hard with her captor’s head. Then she swings her elbow fast behind, stinging the boy another blow to the head. Another nearby attacker behind her is given quick, simultaneous kicks on the stomach and head.

Leadfoot got up, recovered from his pain. He advances to Ixora, who is still fighting the others, and is about to punch her face. Ixora, however, see his attempt and quickly ready to counter with a punch too. The two’s punch flies quick, nearly hit each other when suddenly Leadfoot feels his world turn upside down and back on the ground. Ixora feels a sudden grab on her neck choking her. Leadfoot’s face got stepped on and Ixora is in a chokehold by their teacher, Astrid.

“Alright, that’s enough. All of you. Unless you want to feel another level of unimaginable pain,” threaten Astrid on the class, her eyes dead serious. The fight immediately stopped as they feel a sudden fear of their teacher’s wrath. Most of the Vikings know well of Astrid’s ability in a close-combat. She is a real deal if they get her as an opponent or worse, enemy.

“Oh great. The first lesson just started a little less than five minutes ago and a fight already breaks out,” complained Hiccup. “This class is amazing.”

- Primus04