The Marvelous Misadventures of Toxic

Author: ToxicElixir

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I sighed, drumming my fingers against Anubis's snake-like form, as hissing echoed above me. I jumped slightly, backing away from his magenta sides as his almost-black spikes flared up in warning. I sighed again. Sitting in the middle of the coil he has wrapped around me as he glares daggers at a Monstrous Nightmare. She was Akusentou, my other dragon, my first, which makes her think she has some all-powerful claim on me. In a way she was right, but Anubis didn't see her way, hence my current predicament.

"Will you guys please stop the glare feast? We have work to do!" I whined pathetically, staring pleadingly at my two dragons. Like always in these situations, I am completely ignored. "Amethyst? A little help here?" I whispered mutinously to my deep purple Thunderdrum, who was currently curled up like she's sleeping. I got no reply. Typical. "Thank you for nothing you useless reptiles." I muttered, resigning myself to my fate.

- ToxicElixir

"What are you doing?" My friend, who I dub Taller Me, asks from the back of her Nightmare as she hovers over the sea that surrounds the school.

"I'm a sea serpent!" I exclaim joyously as Anubis and I dive in and out of the cresting waves drenched. I hear an exasperated sigh before Anubis and I are consumed by the waves again.

Anubis hangs from his middle apron a wooden wall in Berk. Looking very much like a majestic snake with wings, with a puny human girl perched apron his back. I stare at a Viking lad who stares back at me, my eyes narrow if I wonder, not for the first time, if this is one of those spies. We continue our stare-off as Anubis raises his head to see what is so interesting. I decide to give this lad a bit show of epic firepower.

"Anubis, fire!" I say pointing in a direction that I see no Viking or dragon. Anubis growls in acknowledgement, raising himself like a snake about to struck as he lets loose his signature fire-rings. I pat his side approvingly, looking over at the lass and smiling, nudging Anubis in order to convey to him to move forwards. Thus we slither away, like a chief.

"Akusentou?" I ask. My nightmare croons in acknowledgement her wings flapping as we stare blankly at the wall in front of us.

"I think we're stuck." I add and she hisses in agreement.

We both have nightmares about the inescapable pillar in Gronkle Run that swallows Viking and dragon whole.

"Come on Akusentou, we got this!" I yell enthusiastically as we speed through the hoops, passing other Vikings as a black, green, red blur.

- ToxicElixir

"Faster, faster!" I whoop as Akusentou speeds on, "Oh I love this speed, the wind whistling past-WALL!!!!!!!" I scream as I jerk on the saddle and Akusentou immediately starts to back-wing desperately trying to slow us down. SMACK! I groan. Akusentou groans. "I think that's enough racing for today." Akusentou doesn't argue.

"You're doing awesome Amethyst! Now let's start turning now." I praise motioning for my thunder drum to start her turn. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh WALL!" She turns on a dime it seems, as she quickly turns again to avoid a head on collision.

"Ok, need to write this down so I can remember. Nightmares; Speedy, but horrible turning. Thunder Drums; A bit slower but turns on a dime." I mutter to myself letting my dragon fly through the course without my intervention, trusting her to not crash into anything.

I snarl at the earthworm in front of me, flashing my teeth in a show of warning. My Viking safe with in the coil of my long tail. This male in front of me had it in his mind that he was going to take my Viking away from me. I glared, as he made a move to slither forwards.

"Come any closer and I will defenestrate* you." I hiss.

"Akusentou?" I asked staring with a blank gaze as I watch the walls of Gronkle Run fly by. She grunts acknowledging she had heard me.

"How are you flying while sitting down?"

"B-b-but, you're mine." I heard Taller Me whine as I looked up from my spot in Akusentou's curled up form.

"Try telling her that." I say jerking my thumb backwards to point at Akusentou.

- ToxicElixir

I page through the clan stats as I casually glance up, "gaaaAAAAH" I shriek throwing my arms up and jumping backwards. Right where I had been standing, there was a boy, staring at me. "Uh,....hi?" I manage recovering from my shock blinking awkwardly at the boy in front of me. He says nothing, but he does in fact move closer. I blink once and my eyes shift from the right to the left before taking another step back as he had, once again invaded my bubble. "Akusentou," I whisper as my Nightmare perks up turning her yellow gaze upon me "Tactical retreat!" I hiss. Almost immediately she springs into the air grabbing me with her talons. "To the farm!" I declare, thoroughly crept out by the encounter.

I breathe out a hiss as I glare at the empty space in front of me. Let's set thing straight before I tell you the horrors of my predicament. First I am a Whispering Death, Scourge of the Dragon Race! All who stand before me tremble! Second my Viking is mine and she, ONLY she may get away with, dare I say it, cuddling me. I shudder at the thought of the word. Now my problem, that horrible, horrible female nightmare had me in her grasp. Not only that, she was using me as some type of, of TEDDY BEAR while she slept!!! I will NOT stand for this! I am a great Whispering Death, Terror of the Ground!(...........wait that doesn't sound cool enough)........Wreaker of Destruction!!!!(that's better) The only problem is that I can Not. Make. Her. Let. Go.

I smile as I watch Anubis try to get out of Akusentou's hold, those two may fight like cats and dogs but I know deep down they care for each other. If they didn't Akusentou would never have used Anubis for a teddy bear, and Anubis would have spiked her awhile ago to get her to let go. "Come on Amethyst, let's go fishing." I murmur as I smile again as I watch as Anubis looks around to see if anyone is watching before curling around Akusentou's sleeping form.

I sighed, drumming my fingers against the black scales of my nightmare. Tilting my head back against Akusentou's side I groaned, "Booooooooored." I stated closing my eyes in exasperation. Akusentou turned a glaring eye onto me as if to say “Shut up, misbehaved hatchling, it is nap time.” before she huffed glaring at Anubis as he tried to slither sneakily closer. Which I must admit, it was a daunting task, being that he is a huge, spikey, magenta, snake with wings, but he seemed to manage it just fine.

"Hey Toxic, I think Astrid wanted to talk to you about something." Mulch stated as he passed by my spot under the trees near the lake at the school. Immediately I perked up patting Akusentou's side as I stood.

"Thank you Mulch!" I called after him grinning as I did, "Finally, something to do! Come on guys, time to get up, we have work to do." I said turning to face my dragons. Akusentou was the first to rise, spitting fire at Anubis before nudging Amethyst in order to spur them into rising.

"Thanks, girl." I said in appreciation, scratching Akusentou's scales in thanks before moving to Anubis and Amethyst to do the same. "After this, I'll get you all some really nice fish. You know, to make up for interrupting nap time." I said off-handedly to my dragons before heading to the store where I know Astrid is sure to be.

"Hey Astrid!" I called, "I heard you needed me." I stated leaning on Akusentou who was on my left as I waited to see what the fellow rider wanted.

- ToxicElixir

"Well, it's getting close to Snoggletog and I thought I would spread some holiday cheer." Astrid started, and I started to pale "And sense my Yaknog was such a hit last year, I want you to help me get the ingredients and pass it out to the other Vikings." she added excitedly. By now I was as white as a sheet and glad to have Akusentou to lean on. I hadn't been around last Snoggletog but I had heard of Astrid's infamous Yaknog when I got back, let's just say I wanted no part of this. `Oh Thor please no,` I thought dread filling me, if I tried to get out of this by saying I had something else to do Astrid would find out, being that she had an uncanny ability to do so. In the essence, my hands were tied.

"Uh, yeah sure." I replied shakily as I tried to sound enthusiastic, "What a great idea! What do you need?" I asked, the quicker this was over the better for everyone.

"I need six eggs and cabbages." she said before I handed them over right away, since I always had eggs on me for a quick snack for my dragon, and the cabbages were just in my back page conveniently.

"I need one more thing, kelp. Do you think you could go get some from the beach while I start making it?" she said as I nodded my consent, mounting Akusentou for a quick flight down to the beach. Sooner than I had liked, I was back handing the kelp to Astrid before she shoved the cups of rancid smelling drinks at me and telling me to give them to the other Vikings.

My poor dragons couldn't even seem to fly straight because of the smell and I was almost positive I was going to pass out and slid of Akusentou. As I handed the cups out to the other students (No, Fishlegs Astrid is not angry at you, Tuffnut you really shouldn't drink it, Yes, Snotlout it is from Astrid) I finally came across Hiccup.

"Toxic, you look pale are you sick or something?" he asked as I held out a cup of Yaknog with a pleading look, "Oh, well yeeeaaah. That'd do it." he stated looked apprehensively at the cup.

"Oh gods, pleeeeaaase take it Hiccup, Astrid wants me to hand this out to the other Vikings and if I don't and she finds out. You know how she is!" I said ready to get down on my knees and beg if I had to.

"Why don't I take these from you, I'll find something to do with them." Hiccup spoke casting a wary look to the other cups. "Oh gods, thank you Hiccup!" I exclaimed jumping up, pulling him into a hug, "You're a life-saver!" I added releasing him from the hug.

Hammerstein checked the clan register, looking to see if anyone from Clan Jormungandr was at the school. "Hmm… Aika, nope… Metal isn't usually here anyway… Asvald, nope… Aylen… out sick? Huh… Nobody's here… well, besides you, Mace, but you don't do a whole lotta talking." Hammerstein's quip was met with nothing but a huff and a reptilian eye roll. His frustrated gaze, upon turning back to the register, lit upon a barely-familiar name belonging to a girl he’d seen around the school and at clan meetings, but never actually met. "Toxic Elixir… Well, better than nobody. Guess I'll go introduce myself. You wanna come with, bud?" Again, a minimal response - it being late in the afternoon, Maceforge was usually in the middle of a nap by this time while his rider planted sunflowers and fed his sheep and chickens. "Well, fine then. You can go lay down in your sunny spot, and I'll meet you there after I go say hi.” The Nightmare yawned and grumbled a bit, then padded off in the general direction of Hammerstein’s farm.

- ToxicElixir

Finding a specific farm plot at the school was easier said than done, but coming around a corner Hammerstein finally saw a sign labeled “Toxic’s Farm”. “Aha! There you are! Now, just hoping she’s here.” The gate opened with an extended creak, and he walked in. The sheep and turkeys paid no attention, but the noise startled Toxic’s chickens back into their coop. “Sorry about that… Anybody home?” Hammerstein’s query was left unanswered, except by the soft bubbling of the creek that ran through one side of the farm plot. “Hellooo? Toxic, you here?” He checked behind the chicken coop, by Trader Johann’s shack, and inside the barn. “Well, bummer… she’s not!” He rested his hand on the inside of the barn door, and was about to push it back open when he heard a loud creak and a pair of voices. One was the familiarly nasal merchant making his daily rounds, but the female voice he didn’t recognize; cracking the door open just a bit, Hammerstein watched Johann and Toxic walk toward the trader’s shack, deep in conversation.

Well, this is awkward… Hammerstein decided the best course of action would be to just sneak out to the gate and open it, and then pretend to be walking back in and say hi. He could see through the barely-open door that a royal-purple Thunderdrum was curled up off to one side, and it looked like it was sleeping. Perfect! Nobody will ever know. He softly opened the barn door just enough to slip out, thankfully without making a sound, and taking off toward the gate, glanced back at Toxic and Johann as they neared the trading shack at the opposite end of the farm. When he turned to face forward again, however, Hammerstein nearly jumped out of his skin. In front of him, just to the left of the gate, lay a magenta-highlighted Whispering Death whose elongated, black-spiked body snaked almost halfway across Toxic’s farm. Slightly to the right of the gate stood jet-black Monstrous Nightmare, bearing red accents with a bit of a green undertone. And they’d both spotted him.

- The Joshinator