New School Year

Author: oldrockgod

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The Hall at the School of Dragons was alive with cheer and laughter as Vikings poured in from what seemed nearly every direction. Today was a day that was long waited. Today the School of Dragons re-opened and new students were pilling off seemingly endless boats that arrived. New students eagerly waited for their first lessons and the chance at gaining and training their dragons. Others seemed to already have dragons but they were really young and the trainers endeavored to learn more. Even some of the old attendants had come back and now study as the school’s first seniors.

Each student was issued a book that was titled "The School of Dragons - A Brief History". A group of students sat around Gobber, who read the book out loud as if he was proud of its content.

"Now, listen ere, you trainers, as I read something Stoick told me to put together. This book can tell you everything you need to know about this school. For example, when the school first opened, the first lot of students caused all sorts of havoc like stopping dragon trading that was originally overseen by the outcasts, but for a while times were peaceful and quiet but, things changed drastically when Alvin laid siege to the school. At the time, the students fought back and after a tough battle, the students drove them away. They protected the Hatchery, which helped preserve the school’s culture and architecture.”

Gobber continued with his story, “Afterwards, the students went their separate ways as the school had closed down for reconstruction. Some of them were kidnapped by Alvin and others got married, and many participated in even more battles. I think they are still in the school if you want more details about it. Anyways, let’s skip these boring pages. The students then had to come together to face a dangerous threat called the Romans!...Eh? Didn't see that coming did ya? Anyways, the students managed to push them back, but we lost the Murderous Mountains, which is now simply a gaping hole. All these past students are back so if you want to know more go ask them!

The students looked confusedly at Gobber at the little information he gave them before going their separate ways and trying to talk to the past students or the very first dragon tamers, such as Hiccup and his team.

Above the commotion in the rafters of the building sat a figure clad in complete black, silently carving a piece of wood, he was completely concealed unless someone had very good eye sight or if someone knew where to find him.

- oldrockgod

Elder entered the Great Hall. With all the noise from the new arrivals he could hardly hear himself think. He paused and took a deep breath, taking in his surroundings. He had been waiting for this day for a good couple of months. Elder cast his mind back to when he first arrived:

It was a cool morning, the sun peeking over the horizon as if it didn't dare rise fully. Elder walked down the narrow path towards this "School of Dragons" he'd heard so much about. He wasn't going there to make friends. Frankly, he could do without all the people that would be there. He's done fine by himself so far. What he needs were answers.

Elder looked over the book given to him, The School of dragons - A Brief History. He chuckled to himself, "Brief? This thing is gotta be at least a few hundred pages." He put away the book. He didn't have time to read it right now. He took another deep breath and prepared for his time at the School of Dragons.

- Jaliday98

Elder took a seat at a nearby empty table. Almost as soon as he sat down, Lif and Bani flew into the hall in a black and green blur, and perched on his shoulders. "Hey guys," Elder said, while scratching Lif on the chin, drawing a disapproving hiss from Bani. "Hey now, don't get jealous," Elder laughed and proceeded to scratch Bani's chin. Suddenly the dragons both stopped and stared at the ceiling. Elder noticed this odd behavior and he too, stared at the ceiling. He thought he could make out a figure, clad in black, almost like a shadow, sitting in the rafters. "HEY YOU...." Elder yelled at the figure.

Metal looked down from his shadowy sanctuary at the caller looking up at him with two Terrible Terrors. He raised an eye brow and resorted to simply one word, "What?" His voice was stone cold and empty of any expression.

Somewhat taken aback by the strangers dead-pan, one word answer, Elder paused for a moment before replying. "Aren't you gonna join the festivities? You ARE a student here, right?" Elder waited for a response, he wondered whether he should get involved. The stranger clearly wanted to be alone.

Metal simply stared at the figure below and grunted in amusement before returning to his carving, and once again responded in a very monotone voice, "I am, but what of it? Do I look like I enjoy festivity?" A thought suddenly occurred to Metal and he dropped down the distance between the rafters and the floor and landed in a crouch. As he stood up and met the strange man's gaze and that of his two Terrors. "You don't know who I am, do you?" Metal wasn't wearing his usual signature Wanderer's uniform but a normal black shirt and trousers with a wool vest.

"You don't know who I am, do you?" The question struck Elder as odd. "No. Should I?" Elder replied. Elder ran a hand through his hair, racking his brain, trying to think of anything he may have heard on his travels about this strange guy standing before him, but nothing came to mind. "Well that can be changed," he offered his hand to the stranger with a smile, "I'm Elder, and you are?"

- Jaliday98

Metal stared at him blankly. He could hear the people around them whispering and pointing at Metal. Metal ignored them and grabbed the outstretched arm, "I'm Metal, The Black Wanderer". Metal heard shuffling and when he turned his half lidded eyes he saw wide circle had appeared around them both, some students looked scared, other looked like they were about to lash out him. He couldn't blame them in the slightest, His eye's searched for Skips who Metal had lost sight of a while ago eventually he released the mans arm and stared blankly at him and raised a questioning eye brow.

- oldrockgod

Once Metal released his hand, Elder suddenly grew aware of the crowd that had suddenly appeared around them. Half of them looked scared half to death, but why? Is it him?? Elder stopped and decided to just get out of there. "Well, I must get going" He looked at Metal. "I'll see you around sometime." He said with a smile. He turned quickly and fast-walked towards the door, the pace of his walk making his dragons teeter on his shoulders. Once he got outside he found a patch of grass and decided to just lay there and relax until he was needed. As he lay there, Lif and Bani circling the sky above him, he found himself thinking about Metal, who is he? Is he famous? What's with that nickname? "The BLACK WANDERER...ooooh I'm so scared" He sat there and chuckled at his own joke.

- Jaliday98

Metal watched as his new acquaintance left, he turned round to leave himself when he noticed the people around him flinch so metal kept his ground, He was lucky enough Stoick let him back into Berk. If he started a fight now it wouldn't be good. Metal scanned the faces of which mostly now comprised of anger towards him, he searched for a friendly face or at least a familiar one.

- oldrockgod

Magnus sat alone off to one side of the Great Hall, enjoying his plate of food and glass of mead in relative silence. His Gronckle, Slugbug, sat on the floor next to him gnawing contentedly on a piece of granite. Looking up from his plate, he saw the crowd slowly drifting toward the door, and heard murmurs spread through the hall like the rustling of dry grass, sparking his curiosity. Of course, we all know what happens when you mix dry grass and a spark...

"Bug, I'll be back in a sec. I'm going to go see what the fuss is. Guard my dinner, WITHOUT eating it..." Magnus pretended to scold with a twinkle in his eye. He got up from his table and walked toward the group. Slugbug lifted his head slightly in acknowledgement before returning to his rock. "Sorry... Excuse me... Can I slip by you?" Magnus began to edge through the crowd, but when he broke through to the edge of the circle he saw a familiar black-clad figure in the center. "What's going on here?" The question didn't really require an answer - the identity of the person before him and the distasteful expressions worn by those in the crowd said plenty.

Looking around the circle, Magnus saw a spectrum of expressions written on the students’ faces: fear, disgust, scorn, hatred, anger. Despite the gravity of the situation, he couldn’t suppress a small chuckle. “Looks like your reputation precedes you, my friend.” That last word sparked a flame of indignation in the hair-trigger field of students, and as the muttering grew louder and the circle began to close in, Magnus saw Metal reach inside his cloak with a grim look on his face. “Did he just say ‘friend’?...Does he have any idea who this guy is?...He knows him!...Did you hear what he did to the school?...They don’t belong here in the School!...” The burly blacksmith rolled his eyes in frustration, and suddenly found himself at the center of what looked like a lynch mob, next to a well-trained assassin who he knew had no qualms about using weapons of all kinds. This isn’t going to end well…

“All right, that’s ENOUGH!” Magnus boomed, and the circle fell quiet with a tentative step back. “Yes, I know Metal. Yes, I know the Black Wanderer’s reputation! It also seems I know something you all don’t. He’s still human, just like the rest of you.” He straightened up as he turned to face another part of the crowd, now towering over most of the other students. “Not too long ago, I risked my life to help him rescue someone he loved. I saw a side of him that few people have, and rest assured, Metal isn’t the heartless monster you all think he is. Yeah, he’s had a checkered past, and I’m still not quite sure what to think about that, but I happen to know he’s not the only one here.” Magnus glared at some of the more aggressive-looking students. “Anyone who thinks they’re perfect is welcome to throw the first punch. But it lands on ME.”

By this point, the Great Hall was dead silent - even the dragons were hushed, and you could’ve heard a fork drop on the other end of the hall. Magnus was the first to break the long and uneasy pause, shooting glares around the now-enlarged circle that had backed away from the pair. “That’s what I thought,” he muttered. “Slugbug! Let’s go, buddy.” The high-speed flapping of small wings was heard from the other end of the hall, and the fiery red-and-orange Gronckle came in for a landing right behind Metal as Magnus turned on his heels and headed toward the door. The hushed crowd parted in front of the procession, with the muscular Viking leading and his dragon protectively bringing up the rear. As they exited the building, the astonished chattering of students could be heard swelling behind them as the large doors closed. “Metal,” Magnus sighed as he turned around, “You’re really gonna have to do something about that reputation of yours.”

- The Joshinator

At peace on the grass, Elder closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

It was a few months previously, Elder had been in a nearby village, he walked into a tavern, vainly looking for the answers he had been seeking for the past few years. He walked in and realized that it wasn't the exactly a savory place, it was teeming with the lowest scum of human life, bandits, black-market traders and possibly even worse. He sat at am empty table and kept an ear out for information. "School out early, pipsqueak?" said a deep, gruff voice from behind him. Elder turned slowly so as not to appear frightened. "Excuse me?" He replied calmly. The gruff voice belonged to a foul-looking man, yellow teeth, straggly hair and beard, filthy clothes and permanent grime to his skin. "I'd have thought a little kid like you would be at that cowardly school of dragons". "The what?" "DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME KID!" the foul man yelled "You shouldn't be here and you've gotta pay a price". "I don't have any money". The foul man drew his dagger with a grin "well well well" "I don’t want any trouble" Elder said, backing up a step. "Well sonny, you've got it" and with that the man launched at him, Elder sidestepped his blade and stuck his leg out causing the man to fall flat on his face. "Oh I’m sorry, did that hurt?" Elder said mockingly. The man yelled and thrust his knife again, this time Elder grabbed his arm and forcing the foul man to release his grip on the dagger. The man fell to his knees as Elder picked up his dagger, “P-please...don't kill me" the man pleaded. "I'll consider it." Elder replied and then slammed his boot into the man's face, knocking him unconscious. He looked around at the astonished faces around him "anyone else got a problem?" all the men shook their heads. " where do I find this 'School of Dragons'.”

Elder awoke realizing he had been asleep for some time "darn, I’ve got to get to classes" he got halfway to the hall before he realized he didn't know which classes he was meant to attend and where they were. He started searching the place for someone who might be able to help him.

- Jaliday98

Metal felt relived to see at least someone he recognized him "Magnus, maybe they'll listen to you" as Metal talked theses faces previously staring at him also turned towards his new acquaintance. Metal tensed and grabbed one of his special piston covered pins that paralyzed the body, if things didn't turn out well, no doubt he would have to fight his way out. Metal tried to make this gesture as obvious as possible to Magnus while hiding it from everyone else, not as a threat but as a sign as to how serious his situation. Metal just wanted out of here as quickly as possible.

- oldrockgod