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Viking of the Week

Viking of the Week: Leviatas

Viking Name: Leviatas

Dragon Breed/Name: Gronckle/Jetrow

Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are racing, meet with friends, make fun races with friends, I love to fly around with my dragons, and my interests are to explore the Islands and find secret caves.


Berk Student Academy Night Hammer Clan Snow Leopards Clan Jormungandr Party Dance Sky Wanderer Clan Hattori Multi Clan Snow Leopards Snow Leopards Clan Sky Divers Troublemakers Clan Hattori Snow Leopards Clan University Vikings Berk Academy Student Clan Snow Leopards Lineup Sky Wanderer Clan Berk Academy Student Clan Diamond Racer Glorison Clan Berk Academy Student Clan Midnight Shock Clan Sky Wanderer Clan The Dragon Racers Clan The Dragon Racers Clan Sky Wanderer Clan

Viking Fan Art

Viking Fine Art
Viking Fan Art
Viking Fine Art
Viking Fine Art

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Leura 81000
Chiyo 74000
Faunai 71800
VValdorf 70400
ohala 69800
Tasoula 69400
WNM 66400
ToughGal 66900
Strider 65800
Nikya 63400


What users are saying about 2.10... I love it, it's got amazing graphics, nice animation, cool quest ideas"
RiddleMeThizzz X




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