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Bull's Eye Lagoon

When a dragon and their trainer are one, their movements are quick, their accuracy is precise and they create a perfectly synced force of power. Only the best Vikings can achieve such a high level of trust and skill with their dragons. Perhaps the best way to hone these skills is to test yourself at Bull’s-Eye Lagoon, the ultimate test of accuracy and skill.

As you enter the Training Grounds, on the right is the entrance to a cave where dragons can test their accuracy skills and win a few trophies. A glowing sign shouts out that it is the Bull’s-Eye Lagoon. But wait! This is no place for young dragons. Only adult dragons can enter the lagoon. A few gems may solve the problem and speed up your dragon’s age, if you don’t have any adult dragons.

It is then time to make some decisions. Does your dragon need solo time to practice its shooting skills or is it ready to face an opponent? Dragons can also take advantage of the three power-ups for a few gems; the Energy Boost will increase a dragon’s energy, the Smart Bomb will explode other riders, and the Speed Boost will give the dragon a temporary speed boost. If the energy level of your dragon is sliding – keep an eye on the bar as a glowering red indicates trouble – you can purchase energy with gems to keep your dragon in the game.

Once your dragon is ready, a door opens to reveal the target area and the tension thickens. If it is a single player option, there are single color targets. If it is a multiplayer option, there are two sets of targets – blue or red. You have the option to fly, shoot, and stop. It is a tight race against time as the dragon has two minutes in each course to hit the maximum number of targets to win points and trophies. So keep your wits about you and aim for the center.