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Whispering Death Caves

The Whispering Death Caves appears to be an ominous pit. Who knows what forgotten beasts the depth of the caves hold? The mystery is enough to get Vikings concerned. These caves are located close to the Great Hall in Berk where the hole leads to the tunnels that might have been dug up by Whispering Death dragons.

A rope leads the way down and you must be prepared to face pitch black caverns and winding tunnels. It won’t be long before you will catch sight of the fierce Whispering Death flying around; their screech alerts you to their presence long before you catch sight of them. Their calls are made eerier by the echoes that bounce off the cave walls, giving the impression of an endless number of the dragons flying about. They are completely at home in the darkness as they have evolved and adapted to living in dark environments.

The Whispering Death Caves is also home to spiders that cover the caves and moths of the tunnels with massive, sticky spider webs. It is best to stay clear of them. This is their turf after all. There is no telling how they may react to strangers. Further in, the darkness of the barren cave is broken by an underground lake. It is possible that this lake was formed by an opening under Berk, where ocean water gradually made flowing into to form this lake. Fishing here throws up many surprises like the blindfish.

Young Vikings and their dragons may suddenly stumble upon Whispering Dragon eggs. These cannot be ignored and must be returned to Hiccup, who will ensure they are taken care of. Once you finish exploring the Whispering Death Caves, you can return to the rope and climb out to the sharp relief of sunlight.