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The Viking Village 

The Viking Village - School of DragonsThe Village on the Isle of Berk is home to the Vikings under the leadership of Stoick the Vast. The Village is very old and well established, having existed for seven generations. However, due to the near-constant dragon attacks, the Village must constantly be rebuilt, giving it a genially updated appearance. The Village is built on the side of a mountain on the Isle of Berk, next to the ocean side ports for easy access to the Viking ships.

The village is comprised of a number of buildings. One of the grandest buildings is the Great Hall, which includes a large room that can hold all the Vikings in the village. The Great Hall is used to make battle plans for when the Vikings attempt to find the dragon’s nest, to feast, to study for dragon training, and to take shelter during the many instances of bad weather on Berk. The room is anchored by a large, circular table where the most important Vikings sit to gather and discuss plans more effectively. 

The Haddock House is another important building. It is home to Hiccup and his father, Stoick the Vast. It is larger than most other houses to reflect Stoick’s standing as the chief of the Viking village. The house sits upon one of the many hills on the Isle of Berk.

The Viking Village - How to Train Your DragonAlong with the many regular huts for the clan members are farms and livestock. Many of the Vikings have their own animals and farms they take care of and can help feed the clan to prepare for the long winters. 

Additionally, Gobber’s Blacksmithing Forge is among the other most popular buildings in the village. The Forge serves as the place where the Vikings get their weapons before battles against the dragons. 

Finally, there is the Dragon Arena. The Arena is where the dragon fighting classes are held as part of Viking training, and is one of the central places in the village. The Arena is submerged with walkways and surrounded by bleacher seats so that the rest of the village may watch as the Dragon School graduates battle dragons. There are many rooms and cages within the Arena that hold captured dragons that are used to train the younger set of Vikings.