Berk - The Viking Village 

The Viking Village - School of DragonsOn the Isle of Berk, perched on the side of a mountain, there lies a village of formidable Vikings. Having settled here for seven generations and after weathering a multitude of dragon raids, the villagers have demonstrated their fortitude against hardships. During the feud between the Vikings and dragons, the architecture of Berk remained relatively modern, as the constant attacks made it necessary to rebuild often.

The village is comprised of a multitude of buildings, the grandest of these being the Great Hall, a structure that is capable of holding all of the Vikings in the village. The Great Hall is used to make battle plans, to feast, and to study for dragon training. The room features a large, circular table where the most important Vikings sit to gather and discuss plans more effectively.

The Haddock House is another significant building. It is home to Hiccup and his father, Stoick the Vast. It is larger than most other houses to reflect Stoick’s standing as the village chief. The house sits upon one of the many hills on the Isle of Berk.

Another notable feature of the village is the increased number of dragons wandering about. After the battle with the Red Death, dragons have been welcomed into the village.

The Viking Village - How to Train Your DragonFarms are a common feature of the village, as many of the Vikings tend to their own livestock and crops. The produce and meat that these farms yield can help the clan survive the long winters.

For a village that is often faced with vicious attacks by dragons, Gobber’s blacksmithing forge is perhaps one of the most popular buildings in the village. The forge supplies Vikings with sturdy and reliable weaponry to battle their foes, fiery or otherwise.

Last (but certainly not the least), Berk has the Dragon Arena, a relic of the past. Before the alliance with dragons, this was where young Vikings learned how to fight and kill dragons. Captured dragons were held within the building and they were used to train students. The arena is surrounded by bleachers so that the rest of the village could watch as students went toe-to-toe against their fiery adversaries.

The School of Dragons is a relatively new addition to Berk to adapt to this new era of Viking-dragon friendship. Here, Vikings such as yourself can learn how to train dragons from some of the most respected experts on dragons, such as Hiccup, Astrid and Valka.