Ship Graveyard

Ship Graveyard - School of Dragons

Covered in darkness and littered with the corpses of hundreds of ships that had found themselves unable to navigate the harsh, rocky waters, the Ship Graveyard lies undisturbed. The only light here comes from the moon, which barely illuminates the crystal-like rock faces that rise up from the sea and the remnants of ships that once sailed valiantly. What hides beneath the murky depths is still a mystery to many Vikings.

If you should find yourself exploring the Ship Graveyard on your dragon, keep a lookout for the creatures that lurk beneath the sea. Giant eels leap from its depths, and Thunderdrums and Death Songs call the darkened waters and the ships’ debris their homes. As you swim through the churning waters and dodge partially submerged masts while flying, remember to stay alert. Should you wish to venture into greater depths, you can explore what lurks beneath the darkness of the waters – but at your own risk. If you wish to explore the underwater depths, you can use the diving bell equipped on the lonely ship to sink to the ocean floor.

As you continue your studies at the School of Dragons, you may be asked to visit the Ship Graveyard for quests. With allies and enemies traveling through the Ship Graveyard, it is best to keep an eye out for anyone who may need help, or people who may be causing trouble. In fact, rumor has it that Stormheart and Harald Forkbeard may have been seen sneaking around the Ship Graveyard…

Should a Death Song make its way to Berk, you may also be tasked with making the journey to the Ship’s Graveyard to help Hiccup and the other Vikings of Berk look for a missing Dragon Eye lens. It won't be easy finding anything in these dark and murky waters. Luckily, you might get help from another mysterious dragon rider.

A trip to the Ship Graveyard is enough to make even the bravest Viking’s skin crawl. To fly over or swim amongst the detritus of once-great ships is surely a sign of daring and fortitude. The School of Dragons encourages all young adventurers who venture out there to summon all of their strength… and go to the Ship Graveyard only when absolutely necessary.

The creaks and groans of ships long forgotten blended with the sounds of waves crashing against rocks and wood. As I glided over the debris that remained of the lost ships, I spared a thought for those who had fallen prey to the stormy waters and jagged rocks. I could not focus on that, though. My Monstrous Nightmare, Flick, and I had decided to explore what the darkness held. We didn’t consider the danger that was ever-present at the Ship Graveyard. All we could think of were the mysteries and that lurked beneath the murky sea and stored within the bashed hulls of ships.

                                                                        - From the Journal of Hagan Boilson

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