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Isle of Berk

Isle of Berk - How to Train Your DragonThe Isle of Berk is a small island that is home to a fierce Viking clan. Located far north, the extreme and varying weather conditions have caused the inhabitants to become a hardy, persevering people. Hiccup once described the island's location as, “Twelve days north of hopeless, and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It’s located solidly on the meridian of misery.”

There are bountiful green trees and mountains surrounding the Isle. Vikings utilize the lush flora and fauna of their environment for fishing, farming, hunting and blacksmithing.

Dragons often laid waste the Isle of Berk, burning down structures and snatching livestock. To fend off these formidable foes, Berk's inhabitants trained to be fierce warriors who could withstand these attacks and fight back. While Vikings have lived on Berk for seven generations, buildings were almost always being rebuilt or reinforced due to the constant dragon attacks.

Isle of Berk - School of DragonsNow, dragon riders have become more commonplace on the Isle of Berk. Not long ago, the School of Dragons was established on the Isle of Berk to teach young Vikings how to become successful dragon trainers.

For Vikings, devoted training and unrivaled bravery in battle are essential. Generally, Viking traditions honor bold and courageous warriors who can protect their village from invaders and dragons. In the Viking world, fortitude, valor and strength are valued above all other traits.