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Isle of Berk

Isle of Berk - How to Train Your DragonThe Isle of Berk is a small island that is home to a fierce Viking clan. Despite its small size, Berk contains varied geography, with rocky cliffs and large forests. Located far north, Berk possesses a frigid climate; natives characterize the weather as snowy nine months out of the year, and hail the other three. Hiccup describes the islands' location as, “Twelve days north of hopeless, and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It’s located solidly on the meridian of misery.” These conditions caused the inhabitants to become a hardy, persevering people.

There are bountiful green trees and mountains surrounding the Isle. The lush flora and picturesque ambiance of the land is tailored to the natural settings of a typical Viking village. Vikings utilize their environment for fishing, farming, hunting and blacksmithing.

Isle of Berk - School of DragonsDragons often besiege The Isle of Berk to hunt the Vikings’ livestock. Due to this ongoing conflict, Berk's inhabitants train to be fierce warriors who can fend off the dragons’ regular attacks. The Vikings have lived on Berk for seven generations, but due to the chronic dragon attacks, buildings are almost always being re-built or reinforced.

In the Viking World, devoted training and unrivaled bravery in battle are essential. Vikings teach boldness and courage to their youth. As a result, their characteristics shine and fit accordingly to the rough lands that they inhabit. Generally, Viking traditions honor bold and brave personalities and the training of younglings to fight dragons. In the Viking World, members of the clan continue to grow in strength and fortitude with age. In the end, they live and fight for the honor and glory of their name and clan.