Impossible Island

Auction Island - SOD

Remote, abandoned, and bereft of almost any sign of life, Impossible Island holds many secrets. What may seem like a barren expanse of rocks and sand at first glance actually contains a cenote teeming with the remains of an ancient civilization. However, before you can unlock the mysteries of Impossible Island, trials and tribulations await you. Only the most worthy Vikings have what it takes to brave the tests required to explore the hidden caverns and passageways of this land. Get your brains and brawn ready for adventure on Impossible Island!

When you first reach the shores of Impossible Island, you may be unimpressed by the arid lands. As you tread away from the shore, you will be met with a landscape comprised mostly of stone. You will come across a gaping opening in the center of the island as you move further inland. If you peer over the edge, you will see an ancient temple, a grass labyrinth, and a bright blue lagoon. However, should you attempt to fly into the gaping cenote on your dragon, you’ll probably find your fire-breathing buddy reluctant to venture further. Is there is something hiding within the depths of this island that repels dragons? You must then find a safe way to the cenote to explore what lies at the bottom and that is keeping most dragons at bay.

Auction Island - SOD

Once you have made it safely inside the cenote, you will see an ancient temple erected by the Defenders of the Wing, Berk’s allies to the north. To enter this temple, you must first solve a puzzle at the gates. It will take a lot of your brainpower to solve it but be prepared – There are many more on the way! Once you’ve set foot in the labyrinth, you’ll find many doors that contain similar tests. To move on, you must continue to correctly solve each and every puzzle that you come across. As you continue your descent, you may notice that the island is much deeper than it appears, with strange caverns, secret passageways, and an unknown danger skulking about.

On the shores of Impossible Island, you will find a few unmanned ships anchored there. They belong to the Defenders of the Wing. Before you brave the dangers that lie within the island’s cenote, the leader of the Defenders of the Wing, Mala, will want to ensure that you possess not only the brawn, but the brains as well to survive the puzzles, mazes, and dangers buried beneath the island’s surface. This challenge will comprise of two different types of tests: one that involves simple machines such as cogs and gears, and another that consists of manipulating contraptions. Both of these trials require you to use physics to your advantage by critically thinking through the challenges. Once you have proven your worth, you can advance into the cenote and the ancient temple within it, or if you wish to exercise your brain a little more, you can stay and complete more challenges!

Each puzzle and obstacle course within this temple is built to test a Viking’s mettle. Only the strongest and smartest warriors can emerge victorious. Of course, we here at the School of Dragons know that you are among some of the most talented warriors our school has ever seen, but we do believe that a warning is in order. After all, Impossible Island did not earn its name for nothing!

Auction Island - SOD

Impossible Island is the perfect name for this place. At first glance, I almost disregarded the island as plain, but as my dragon and I ventured further inland, we found an opening right in the middle. Oh, what beauty is stored within that cenote! Blue lagoons, grassy fields, and a stone bridge leading right to a temple that must be ancient!

How I long to storm right through the gates of that temple and uncover the mysteries that Impossible Island holds. But before I can do so, I must seek the help of the leader of the Defenders of the Wing, our allies to the north. The temple was constructed by the ancestors of these mighty people, and it is only fitting that I enlist the help of one of their descendants to join me on this journey. Until I can get Mala to trust that I have what it takes, I shall admire the secrets of Impossible Island from afar.

- From the Journal of Frodi Malstra