Eruptodon Island

Eruptodon Island - SOD

Only the most valiant Vikings venture to Eruptodon Island, for the land possesses countless blazing secrets, including an active volcano! Nestled within the rocky outcrops and jagged sea stacks, Eruptodon Island hides a molten center. Scorching magma flows beneath the surface, making it particularly perilous to any traveler exploring its hidden caves.

If you are hungry for adventure, hop on your dragon and fly on over to Eruptodon Island! As you circle overhead, you’ll find that the island is mostly bathed in shadows, with not a single sign of life to be found, with the exception of the abandoned boat that floats near the sea stacks. After you land, trek up the mountain and follow the winding roads that lead to the inside of Eruptodon Island. When you reach the island’s center, tread lightly because a river of magma gushes down below!

Flora and fauna rarely flourish on the island. In fact, Eruptodon Island is devoid of all forms of life – with the exception of one. A fierce species of dragons, known as the Eruptodon, calls the island its home, so be on the lookout! Should you encounter this ferocious creature, keep in mind that it will take a fiery Viking to face (and tame) this unstoppable force of nature!

A safe journey to Eruptodon Island can be made with proper training and nerve. Just remember to proceed with caution when exploring the volcano to avoid falling into the red-hot magma that flows below. Most importantly, make your escape from Eruptodon Island the second you suspect that the volcano may erupt!

Eruptodon Island - DreamWorks Dragons

As Skyblade and I flew over Eruptodon Island, we could feel the heat radiating off of the volcano. Drops of sweat rolled down my brow and dripped onto my Deadly Nadder’s back. Skyblade gave a growl of disapproval.

“Sorry,” I said, “but I can’t help it. Odin above, it’s so hot here.” I took a deep breath and ran my arm across my forehead. “Let’s go explore.”

Skyblade soared down with only a small grunt of objection. After a few years of training with me, she had learned that my desire for adventure sometimes came before my own personal safety. What can I say? I want to be a great hero someday, and everyone knows that heroes take risks.

That’s why Skyblade and I had strayed so far from the School of Dragons. There was no quest this time, nor was there a villain to vanquish. I just wanted to explore Eruptodon Island for myself so that I could tell other people that I had journeyed to one of the most dangerous islands in the archipelago. Then, perhaps, they would begin to see the potential in me.

We touched the ground and I hopped off of Skyblade’s back. The two of us made our way up the mountain. I wanted to reach the top so that I could boast to everyone that I had made it to the peak of Eruptodon Island. After some searching, I found one of the four rumored openings to the inside of the volcano. Taking a deep breath, I led Skyblade inside and was taken aback by what I saw. A white-hot river of magma flowed beneath the volcanic surface of the island. The two of us stared, mouths open and eyes wide as we took in the immense power Eruptodon Island had hidden away.

With the heat even more stifling here than it was overhead, I almost suggested that we turn back, but I didn’t even let the words cross my lips. I was Runa Brashbeard, after all! I was a hero, and heroes never turn back!

- From the Diary of Runa Brashbeard

Eruptodon Island - Viking Boat