Dragon Island

Dragon Island - How to Train Your DragonHidden by clouds of volcanic ash, Dragon Island serves as a warning to any Viking foolish enough to venture there alone. With its billowing smoke and jagged mountainsides, Dragon Island initially appears to be the ideal location for dragons to roam freely. However, things aren’t always as they seem.

Dragon Island - How to Train Your Dragon Games Back when Vikings and dragons were sworn enemies, it was believed that dragons stole livestock from Berk for themselves. However, once Toothless began to trust Hiccup, he took him and Astrid to Dragon Island to show them the truth about the dragon raids. The dragons weren’t stealing food for themselves, but were instead the slaves of a bigger, more dominant dragon known as the Red Death. If they did not bring the dragon enough food, they would be eaten by their master.

Luckily, Hiccup and Toothless were able to team up to defeat the Red Death and free the other dragons. This victory helped to secure peace between Vikings and dragons.

While the Red Death no longer poses a threat, those who venture into Dragon Island must be courageous, resourceful, and always on their guard. After all, you never know what other secrets this island might hold.