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Dragon Island

Dragon Island - How to Train Your DragonThe Dragon Island is known to appear as an unwelcoming, dark and twisted place. The Dragon Island is simply no place for any young Viking to venture off alone. The Island looks like a sharp, jagged-edged pyramid with black fumes and volcanic ashes rising from the pinnacle of every mountaintop in sight. Constantly steaming with grey colored smog and clouds, the Dragon Island seems to be heated by interior flames. Dragon Island seems to be the ideal location for dragons to roam freely to utilize their talents and abilities without any sort of limitation. This isolated and unimaginative Island is where Stoick and Gobber sail to end the long-time feud between dragons and Vikings. 

Dragon Island - How to Train Your DragonAs time and friendship progresses between Hiccup and Toothless, Toothless trusts Hiccup enough to take him to his home at the dragon’s nest. When they dare to venture deep in the mountain, Hiccup and Astrid come to realize the reason the dragons have been stealing from the Vikings for so long. The dragons are victims also, of the biggest and most dominant dragon of them all, who will kill them if they do not bring enough food. Hiccup is astounded by this new discovery and quickly assesses that everything Vikings know about dragons, is wrong.