Science Fair Projects

A science fair project can be termed as an experiment, a demonstration, an effort to research, or a collection of science reports for display after having carefully followed the scientific method steps to study a science phenomenon. In other words, science fair projects represent the effort of a student’s investigation and give him a chance to present them in front of an audience. Science fair projects give students a hands-on experience in dabbling with great science concepts and value their own observations.

Science Fair Projects

Parts of Science Fair Projects

Each science fair project comprises of a display background, science supplies and apparatus, and a written investigative report.

Display background – Also known as the backboard, the display unit is critical to the presentation of a science fair project. It serves as an advertisement for the student’s science fair project and that is what catches people’s fancy at the first sight.

Science supplies – The apparatus and other important science supplies are kept on display right in front of the backboard in a science fair project. They must consist of all the equipment that the student used to carry out his science experiments and investigation.

Written investigative report – Every science fair project must be accompanied by a written investigative report. The report should include all the information the student collected during the week leading up to the science fair. Templates of science worksheets based on the scientific method steps can also be downloaded to make the investigative report for the science fair.

How Do Our Science Fair Project Ideas Help Students?

School of Dragons has a wide collection of science fair project ideas for students. We research and study about recent developments in science so that we continue to refresh our range of innovative ideas for science fair projects on our website to help students set up a remarkable science fair and present their research and investigative ideas to an audience.