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Engineering and Technology

Middle school students would ideally have already had many experiences with engineering design. The Next Generation Science Standards’ (NGSS) goal is for students to be able to define problems more accurately, choose the best solution from the available options by following a more thorough process, and learning to optimize the final design.

High school students, on the other hand, are expected to use prior training and their analytical and strategic thinking skills to engage with major global issues.

Here are the NGSS disciplinary core ideas for students studying engineering and technology:

    ETS1: Engineering Design
  • ETS1.A: Defining and Delimiting an Engineering Problem
  • ETS1.B: Developing Possible Solutions
  • ETS1.C: Optimizing the Design Solution
    ETS2: Links Among Engineering, Technology, Science, and Society
  • ETS2.A: Interdependence of Science, Engineering, and Technology
  • ETS2.B: Influence of Engineering, Technology, and Science on Society and the Natural World.

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School of Dragon's Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science Quests

Helpful Note: The first number before the Disciplinary Core Idea standards represents the grade it focuses on.

ETS1: Engineering Design

ETS1.B-2: Developing Possible Solutions
3-5-ETS1.B-1 Quests: Watering Machine: Research on a problem should be carried out before beginning to design a solution. Testing a solution involves investigating how well it performs under a range of likely conditions.
3-5-ETS1.B-2 Quests: Watering Machine:At whatever stage, communicating with peers about proposed solutions is an important part of the design process, and shared ideas can lead to improved designs.