Rules of Conduct - School of Dragons

Our goal at School of Dragons is to provide each player with a safe, creative, and fun place to enjoy the world of How to Train Your Dragon! We ask that all players help and do their part by following the rules and keeping the experience of School of Dragons a positive place for players of all ages to enjoy!

  1. Chat abuse / Spamming
    • Chat is for everyone, so please be respectable to all players and avoid spamming or using harsh or bad language on chat.
  2. Using third party tools or ‘Hacking’ the game
    • Use of any program or third party tool that interferes with School of Dragons in any way will result in a suspension of your account and possible termination of your School of Dragons account.
  3. Respect other players
    • We are all here to have fun and enjoy Dragons! Please don’t ruin the fun of others by bullying or being unpleasant. Vikings stick together!
  4. Do not share personal information
    • Never share, post or give out your or anyone else’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or password to anyone.

We reserve the right to take whatever action it deems necessary to keep School of Dragons a fun, fair, and safe place to play! Breaking any of the rules may result in immediate action which may include:

  1. Temporarily suspending your access to School of Dragons.
  2. Permanently suspending your access to School of Dragons.
  3. Modify a character or an Account, including (but not limited to) reducing or removing experience points, levels, in-game currency or items.