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Update 2.3 arrives on Campus!

Get your viking gear ready as we begin a new adventure on campus with the 2.3 Update, which brings us a new farming location and new dragon companions!

The most recent update to arrive on campus is joined by quite a friendly dragon, the Terrible Terror! This Stoker Class dragon is ready to bond with a viking who can demonstrate their bravery. Along with this new dragon, the TITAN Terrible Terror has also landed on campus, and it is ready to storm the skies of campus!

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Flocking into Campus, Terrible Terror and TITAN Terrible Terror!

A new pack of dragons has arrived on School of Dragons and is turning things upside down! These quick little dragons are well known, but one of them is causing quite the ruckus! The larger, but just as brave Titan Terrible Terror has landed on campus!

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Rule the night with Titan Flightmare!

Brighter than ever, a new Titan has made its way toward the campus of School of Dragons, and now vikings can take to the skies on the back of a starry Titan Flightmare! Whether you’ll be adding this egg to your collection or waking up your own from the stables, this dragon will keep you on your toes!

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A New Titan is Charging onto Campus!

The latest Titan has slither into the underground tunnels of Berk, looking for a new home! The Titan Screaming Death is the newest dragon to join the ranks of the fearless Titans!

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Titan Stormcutters Have Emerged from Behind the Clouds!

As the School of Dragons’ campus and surrounding grounds had seen nothing but rain for the past few days, Vikings were shocked to find that with the dark clouds and thunder came a new and rare resident, the Titan Stormcutter. Alert your fellow Vikings and members of your clan so they can take the reins on our latest Titan, today!

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Swoop in to Save the Day with the WINDWALKER!

While some dragons can be as bold and courageous as a Deadly Nadder, others tend to be more attuned to the gentler and cautious side - but that doesn't mean these kinds of dragons aren't daring and tenacious in their own way! Even the WINDWALKER will have you know that it's not afraid to step up to the plate when the time calls for it, especially if it means protecting their own young from grave danger. This was definitely something Heather learned after being challenged to a seemingly innocuous race.

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Explore Both Land and Sea with the Legendary Titan Thunderdrum!

A new and never-before-seen Titan has stormed the shores at Berk, taking Vikings and dragons alike by surprise! Will you be blasting through your next adventure with one of your own Titan Thunderdrums? Having just emerged from the uncharted and dark caves deep within the sea, this upgraded dragon has now officially joined the ranks of the growing list of winged companions that Vikings like you can train while studying on campus alongside Hiccup and the famed dragon riders from Berk.

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Return to Dragon Island with SoD v.2.0!

Are you ready to return? Venture into familiar places and explore new ones too as you are reunited with old friends and foes alike in School of Dragons v2.0, which unearths an ALL-NEW expansion just in time for season 3 of DreamWorks Animation’s Netflix Original Series Dragons: Race to the Edge! On this latest adventure, students will journey through 4 new and uncharted areas to complete 21 quests, train 2 new dragons and connect with familiar Vikings characters made famous in How to Train Your Dragon 2!

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Light Up the Skies with the New Titan Skrill!

Taking the campus by storm, and striking with the speed of a boisterous bolt of lightning, the newest Titan at School of Dragons is leaving Vikings in utter shock over its arrival! Play now to upgrade your adventure to include a TITAN SKRILL, discovered just recently by Hiccup and Toothless on one of their many expeditions across the uncharted islands on the outskirts of the school grounds.

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