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Mise à jour de l'Académie de dressage de dragons

Break Free from the Curse of the Hobgobbler!

That’s right! Folk tale Hobgobblers have gone wild all over the Isle of New Berk and it is up to Vikings to rise to the challenge in breaking the Curse of the Hobgobblers. These unusual yet adorable creatures are fond of the Island and have scattered at every corner; even going as far as revealing an incredible new cave entrance down to the Hidden World!

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Fly and Battle like a Hero with the Armor Update!

“Gather around as we celebrate the newest Armor Update at the School of Dragons!

On behalf of the Chief, SoD has brought a brand-new release full of unique features and valuable accessories for all Vikings to enjoy! Get ready to embrace far beyond your riding limits alongside your dragons!

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Discover New Lands with NEW Hidden World Update!

Gear up Vikings! It’s time to venture deeper into the School of Dragon as unknown lands have been discovered underneath the school grounds, leading Dragon Riders into countless adventures with the ALL-NEW Hidden World Update!

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The Gift of Snoggletog

Colorful lanterns and jingling bells grace the School of Dragons as heavy snow mantles the grounds announcing the arrival of Snoggletog!

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Mornautomne illumine le campus!

Les toiles d’araignées et les citrouilles ont envahi School of Dragons, mais l’arrivée de Mornautomne est surtout marquée par l’ouverture de la Frousse initiatique... une fiole d’algues luisantes attend les viking au bout des tunnels tortueux et des plateformes mouvantes !

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Attention Vikings, the School of Dragons is welcoming the latest 2.13 Update, making your battling bigger and better than ever!

Once you’ve settled on one of the 29 NEW Dragons available in Dragon Tactics, you’ll need to prepare it for fierce battle as you face 8 NEW arctic levels! The cold tundra is no place for the faint of heart, only the toughest Vikings are challenged with layers of snow as you conquer enemy forces.

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Wrath of Stormheart Expansion

Vikings, prepare to continue the saga of Stormheart with the release of our 7th and interactive expansion pack, the Wrath of Stormheart! Where Vikings will train the never before seen Elder Sentinel, explore the newly discovered island of Vanaheim, and battle against the powerful Nikora Stormheart!

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