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School of Dragon Games Update

Catastrophic Quakens are Sending Shock Waves Across Land and Sky!

Rumor has it that elusive CATASTROPHIC QUAKENS have been spotted on campus! Are you ready to learn what it takes to train this Boulder Class dragon? Now you can - thanks to Hiccup and his ongoing expeditions to explore the unchartered lands on the outskirts of the island! While on one of these very expeditions, the other day, Hiccup and Toothless were suddenly knocked off balance by a force so strong that it sent vibrations across the grounds around them. Neither of them were hurt but they were overcome with confusion. When the violent shaking finally subsided, the duo quickly looked around. They had no idea what had had happened. Where had the shockwaves come from? Nothing like that had ever struck the School of Dragons grounds.

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The Sweet Scent of the Snaptrapper is Filing the Skies!

Vikings from all over campus have been talking about the lingering scent of chocolate that’s been emanating from the skies. Have you noticed this change on campus? And while this unusual occurrence might confuse unknowing Viking villagers, elite level dragon trainers should immediately know that this can only mean one thing… the arrival of the Snaptrapper! And now, the abilities of this four-headed, winged companion are waiting to be uncovered by ready and able Vikings like you. Can you resist the dragon’s alluring scent?

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1.14 Brings New Features and Call of the Death Song Expansion Pack!

Vikings, the day you have all been waiting for has finally arrived, 1.14 brings you the Call of the Death Song Expansion Pack! Round up your clans and dragons and prepare to dive into all new adventures.

Toothless and Hiccup may be the bravest pair we’ve seen, but even they need YOUR help venturing into the School’s latest discoveries of Death Song Island, Shipwreck Graveyard and the Infested Farm! Travel to these unexplored lands with the 2 exclusive dragons- the Death Song and Razorwhip. Get a chance to meet all kinds of awesome Vikings at the Infested Farm, an MMO area equipped with dazzling waterfalls. Or, the bravest of Vikings can make their way to the moonlit Shipwreck Graveyard, you never know what massive creatures are lurking in the fog! The one and only Death Song Island is sure to be filled with twists and turns as you follow a rogue Dragon Rider to the deepest parts of the island.

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The Devilish Dervish Barrels its Way toward Campus!

Have you started noticing trees slashed down and forests in array? Be wary because this signals the arrival of the one and only… Devilish Dervish! Hiccup and Toothless spotted one of these deadly creatures when they stumbled upon a path of torn down trees. The Dragon had laid an abundance of eggs, of which they were lucky enough to bring to campus.

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It Must be the Razorwhip!

Straight from the depths of darkness comes the latest dragon to take flight on campus - the RAZORWHIP. These highly-anticipated winged companions have fought their way out of the darkest of corners surrounding Berk, so retrieving these eggs was no easy feat for Trader Johann’s crew. Thankfully, one of those trusty explorers was able to find the largest nest of eggs and bring a number of these wild creatures back to the School. Their highly defensive abilities and hard to train personalities, make raising this dragon more than just any simple adventure.

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Prickleboggles are Bringing Calm to Campus!

From the sidelines of the battlefield comes the School’s newest dragon - the Prickleboggle. There is more than meets the eye with this latest addition to campus. Don’t be deceived by this dragon’s lack of combative abilities, they are still an impressive addition to your stables. What they lack in a fight, they make up for in their calming and healing talents in some of the most chaotic of circumstances. These dragons have essential healing powers, powers that help them bond to some of the most ferocious of dragons, who are often very loyal to them after being healed.

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Dive into a New Adventure with the Sliquifier

Despite its small size, the Sliquifier is an incredibly powerful and fierce companion. While many have noted this dragon’s swiftness across any terrain, Vikings will commonly stand in awe as they watch the Sliquifier glide through water. Darting through seas at torpedo-like speed ensures that no prey is safe from its glowing and acid-powered blasts.

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Downloadable Game Option is Here!

School of Dragons is now available for download as an ALL-NEW way for you to continue your dragon training adventure! What does this mean? Now you can close out of your browser and continue training and embarking on quests without launching the game from your browser. And, even more importantly, for those Vikings playing the game using Google Chrome, you will be now be able to continue paying without switching to an alternate browser or adjusting your settings!

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Snow Wraiths are taking Campus by Storm!

Emerging from the most chilling corners of the School comes the stone-cold SNOW WRAITH! Trader Johann has just stocked the Viking Store with never-before-seen dragon eggs, and now you can unlock the mystery behind this Strike Class dragon and hatch a snowy companion for yourself.

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Grapple Grounders are Slithering onto Campus!

Trader Johann has restocked the Viking Store with the latest set of dragon eggs to be discovered on campus. Prepare yourselves for the Grapple Grounder, a dragon that is not only known for its ferocious fire-breathing pulses, but also for its ability to quickly twist and coil around its prey. After all, the Grapple Grounder possesses a unique and almost snake-like appearance that would catch any Viking’s eye. Be on the lookout for these fiery creatures... They might be known to lurk in dark, mysterious crevices, but they are about to take the School by storm!

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Unlock the Cauldron, Composter, and more with GOLD!

Trader Johann has made some major updates to the Viking Store! Now, coveted items like Old Wrinkly’s Cauldron, the Composter, and a number of Viking accessories like select war paint and facial decals can finally be yours, even if you are lacking the gems. Upgrade your School of Dragons adventure TODAY, but be warned that some of these items do have a bonus UDT point requirement to meet!

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The Mudraker is Making Waves!

In the murky depths of the swamps and marshes that lie far away from Berk lies a dragon that has never before seen. This dragon is vastly more comfortable in the water than the air or ground. It’s build and abilities allow it to thrive in both the shallows and deep ends of bodies of water. This dragon is...the MUDRAKER, a brand-new dragon unique to the School!

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Never Before Seen Dragon- The MOLDRUFFLE!

Everyone has been talking about a never-before-seen dragon discovered on campus - the MOLDRUFFLE! Are you curious to learn more about this Stoker Class dragon? A trained hunter that glides effortlessly on strong winds, the Moldruffle has abilities that have just been uncovered by Hiccup and the gang. After all, the only place to unlock the full extent of this dragon’s mysteries is at Trader Johann’s Viking store!

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