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School of Dragon Games Update

Return to Dragon Island with SoD v.2.0!

Are you ready to return? Venture into familiar places and explore new ones too as you are reunited with old friends and foes alike in School of Dragons v2.0, which unearths an ALL-NEW expansion just in time for season 3 of DreamWorks Animation’s Netflix Original Series Dragons: Race to the Edge! On this latest adventure, students will journey through 4 new and uncharted areas to complete 21 quests, train 2 new dragons and connect with familiar Vikings characters made famous in How to Train Your Dragon 2!

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Light Up the Skies with the New Titan Skrill!

Taking the campus by storm, and striking with the speed of a boisterous bolt of lightning, the newest Titan at School of Dragons is leaving Vikings in utter shock over its arrival! Play now to upgrade your adventure to include a TITAN SKRILL, discovered just recently by Hiccup and Toothless on one of their many expeditions across the uncharted islands on the outskirts of the school grounds.

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Command the Skies with an Alpha Toothless

Venture into a dragon training experience like no other as you take the reins on Toothless, Hiccup's famed Night Fury who in School of Dragons 1.21 has assumed the role of Alpha! Think you have what it takes to wield the responsibility of training such a powerful dragon? Test your skills because with a dragon that is this strong, only an elite group of trainers have been approved by Hiccup and the Headmaster for flight!

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Tunnel Through to New Adventures with a Titan Whispering Death

A new Titan Dragon has emerged from the dark and dreary caves that have been burrowed under campus. And now, Vikings can slither through the sky on the back of an upgraded WHISPERING DEATH! Whether you already have the Boulder Class companion tucked away in your stables or plan on picking up an egg from Johann's Trading post, will you be among the elite few to TITAN up your fire-breathing buddy? With its extremely dangerous reputation, this ALL-NEW Titan Dragon will stun the competition no matter where your training takes you!

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Tear Through the Skies with Titan Dragons

The 1.19 update is here, inviting Vikings across campus to rise above the rest and harness the power of rare and powerful TITAN DRAGONS! Are you ready to take your training to new heights and own the skies like never before in that ongoing pursuit of the title of Ultimate Dragon Trainer? Word has been spreading with news that you can now upgrade your experience as you explore, complete quests and connect with other Vikings in this latest version of our interactive online world! To start you’ll be able to evolve your Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares, Hideous Zipplebacks, and Gronckles today with even more Titan Dragons set to arrive soon!

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Fly on to victory with the Shovelhelm at your side!

When you find yourself caught in a whirlwind of chaos, which winged companion do you turn to get you out of a tight spot? While there are already so many to choose from, Astrid and Stormfly recently found themselves turning to School of Dragons' newest resident dragon - the SHOVELHELM! With the upturned shape of its jaw and the lighthearted glint of its eyes, the Shovelhelm can be the friendliest of dragons around - and possibly the most reliable.

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