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School of Dragon Games Update

Beware the Enchanting Melody of the Slithersong

Vikings across campus have already become well acquainted with the Death Song's call, but do you think you have the strength to avoid falling prey to the alluring chant of the mighty SLITHERSONG? Trader Johann certainly did on his most recent expedition! While sailing during the night, he found himself drawn to the mist covered waters of the shipwreck graveyard; when suddenly parts of his ship were cocooned in hardened amber. Just when he thought he had no defense in a seemingly swift attack, it turned out that the nearby dragon shrouded in the heavy mist was actually after the giant eels that were clamoring on the sides of his ship.

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Timberjacks & Night Terrors Swarm Campus on Snoggletog

The festive season of Snoggletog has brought a number of memorable additions to School of Dragons, but Hiccup and the Headmaster have really outdone themselves with a double dragon release, unveiling the highly anticipated TIMBERJACK and pack-friendly NIGHT TERRORS. Which will you be flying into 2016 with – the wide-winged sharp class companion or the more pint-sized stoker dragon?

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Join the Battle for the Edge in School of Dragons 1.17!

Have you already weathered the chilling winds on Icestorm Island and answered the melodious Call of the Death Song? Then your next BIG adventure awaits in the 1.17 Update as we unveil an ALL-NEW expansion pack – BATTLE FOR THE EDGE, inspired by the upcoming season of the Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge, coming January 8th!

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Snowfall Marks the Start of Snoggletog on Campus!

Dragon Trainers all across Berk have been busy spreading seasonal cheer across the Viking village in anticipation of Snoggletog - and the wait is well worth it as the snow has finally settled. Log into School of Dragons today, and you’ll find yourself flying among the festive campus decor! Take in the sights and sparkling lights, because the school staff and Viking leaders have strung up twinkling tinsel, decorated trees, and, of course, put out the famed Snoggletog Tree – made entirely of festively covered Viking shields!

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The Thunderpede is Shaking Things up with its Pulverizing Strength!

Vikings! Alert your fellow Dragon Trainers - Thunderpedes are scurrying their way into School Of Dragons. Think you have what it takes to tame these 10-limbed companions? Soaring steadily, albeit at sluggish speeds, with its 2 small taught wings, this Boulder Class Bruiser certainly stands out from the rest with its 6 quick-moving legs and two muscular forearms. Just one look at this disruptive dragon, and there’s no denying that this dragon is simply made for destruction! After all, what would a Boulder Class dragon be without its ability to smash through rocks with an earth-rattling strength?

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Tis The Season of Dreadfall: Harvest Haunt on Berk!

Autumn leaves have fallen around campus and the skies have dimmed, marking the return of one of the most popular times of year on campus - harvest season. But this year, things are a little different as Heryl the Headmaster unveils what shall go down in School of Dragons’ history as the ‘Dreadfall: Harvest Haunt!’ From updates to Johann’s Trading Post and festive décor throughout the grounds to the debut of ALL-NEW features like Loki’s Maze of Mayhem, it is finally time to fly into Berk to join in all the fall festivities. Are you ready for all the tricks and treats that this season has to offer?

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Catastrophic Quakens are Sending Shock Waves Across Land and Sky!

Rumor has it that elusive CATASTROPHIC QUAKENS have been spotted on campus! Are you ready to learn what it takes to train this Boulder Class dragon? Now you can - thanks to Hiccup and his ongoing expeditions to explore the unchartered lands on the outskirts of the island! While on one of these very expeditions, the other day, Hiccup and Toothless were suddenly knocked off balance by a force so strong that it sent vibrations across the grounds around them. Neither of them were hurt but they were overcome with confusion. When the violent shaking finally subsided, the duo quickly looked around. They had no idea what had had happened. Where had the shockwaves come from? Nothing like that had ever struck the School of Dragons grounds.

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