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School of Dragon Games Update

The Thunderpede is Shaking Things up with its Pulverizing Strength!

Vikings! Alert your fellow Dragon Trainers - Thunderpedes are scurrying their way into School Of Dragons. Think you have what it takes to tame these 10-limbed companions? Soaring steadily, albeit at sluggish speeds, with its 2 small taught wings, this Boulder Class Bruiser certainly stands out from the rest with its 6 quick-moving legs and two muscular forearms. Just one look at this disruptive dragon, and there’s no denying that this dragon is simply made for destruction! After all, what would a Boulder Class dragon be without its ability to smash through rocks with an earth-rattling strength?

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Tis The Season of Dreadfall: Harvest Haunt on Berk!

Autumn leaves have fallen around campus and the skies have dimmed, marking the return of one of the most popular times of year on campus - harvest season. But this year, things are a little different as Heryl the Headmaster unveils what shall go down in School of Dragons’ history as the ‘Dreadfall: Harvest Haunt!’ From updates to Johann’s Trading Post and festive décor throughout the grounds to the debut of ALL-NEW features like Loki’s Maze of Mayhem, it is finally time to fly into Berk to join in all the fall festivities. Are you ready for all the tricks and treats that this season has to offer?

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Catastrophic Quakens are Sending Shock Waves Across Land and Sky!

Rumor has it that elusive CATASTROPHIC QUAKENS have been spotted on campus! Are you ready to learn what it takes to train this Boulder Class dragon? Now you can - thanks to Hiccup and his ongoing expeditions to explore the unchartered lands on the outskirts of the island! While on one of these very expeditions, the other day, Hiccup and Toothless were suddenly knocked off balance by a force so strong that it sent vibrations across the grounds around them. Neither of them were hurt but they were overcome with confusion. When the violent shaking finally subsided, the duo quickly looked around. They had no idea what had had happened. Where had the shockwaves come from? Nothing like that had ever struck the School of Dragons grounds.

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The Sweet Scent of the Snaptrapper is Filing the Skies!

Vikings from all over campus have been talking about the lingering scent of chocolate that’s been emanating from the skies. Have you noticed this change on campus? And while this unusual occurrence might confuse unknowing Viking villagers, elite level dragon trainers should immediately know that this can only mean one thing… the arrival of the Snaptrapper! And now, the abilities of this four-headed, winged companion are waiting to be uncovered by ready and able Vikings like you. Can you resist the dragon’s alluring scent?

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1.14 Brings New Features and Call of the Death Song Expansion Pack!

Vikings, the day you have all been waiting for has finally arrived, 1.14 brings you the Call of the Death Song Expansion Pack! Round up your clans and dragons and prepare to dive into all new adventures.

Toothless and Hiccup may be the bravest pair we’ve seen, but even they need YOUR help venturing into the School’s latest discoveries of Death Song Island, Shipwreck Graveyard and the Infested Farm! Travel to these unexplored lands with the 2 exclusive dragons- the Death Song and Razorwhip. Get a chance to meet all kinds of awesome Vikings at the Infested Farm, an MMO area equipped with dazzling waterfalls. Or, the bravest of Vikings can make their way to the moonlit Shipwreck Graveyard, you never know what massive creatures are lurking in the fog! The one and only Death Song Island is sure to be filled with twists and turns as you follow a rogue Dragon Rider to the deepest parts of the island.

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The Devilish Dervish Barrels its Way toward Campus!

Have you started noticing trees slashed down and forests in array? Be wary because this signals the arrival of the one and only… Devilish Dervish! Hiccup and Toothless spotted one of these deadly creatures when they stumbled upon a path of torn down trees. The Dragon had laid an abundance of eggs, of which they were lucky enough to bring to campus.

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It Must be the Razorwhip!

Straight from the depths of darkness comes the latest dragon to take flight on campus - the RAZORWHIP. These highly-anticipated winged companions have fought their way out of the darkest of corners surrounding Berk, so retrieving these eggs was no easy feat for Trader Johann’s crew. Thankfully, one of those trusty explorers was able to find the largest nest of eggs and bring a number of these wild creatures back to the School. Their highly defensive abilities and hard to train personalities, make raising this dragon more than just any simple adventure.

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Prickleboggles are Bringing Calm to Campus!

From the sidelines of the battlefield comes the School’s newest dragon - the Prickleboggle. There is more than meets the eye with this latest addition to campus. Don’t be deceived by this dragon’s lack of combative abilities, they are still an impressive addition to your stables. What they lack in a fight, they make up for in their calming and healing talents in some of the most chaotic of circumstances. These dragons have essential healing powers, powers that help them bond to some of the most ferocious of dragons, who are often very loyal to them after being healed.

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